Friday, April 13, 2018

L is for Like and Losing

For the Blogging A to Z challenge, I'm sharing the music of my life. This simply means it has to be a song I chose to upload to my van. I tried to find videos without ads, but that's getting increasingly harder than ever before. :(

I have a ton of L songs in my list. It was hard to choose just two. The new romance writer side of me wants to write the "afterward" to today's first song.

Like I Loved You by Brett Young

Chris Daughtry was another of my favorites from American Idol. He didn't win, but I feel he did better than several of the winners that came later.

Losing My Mind by Daughtry

L artists in my playlist:
Lady Antebellum
Lauren Alaina
Luke Bryan

What's your favorite L song or artist?

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