Friday, October 31, 2014

Spread the Word!

My kickstarter is live! I'm excited and nervous to see how it goes. Can you help me spread the word?

The Project--FADE INTO ME an Urban Fantasy Novel

Here are a few things you should know about the project:
  • This is my first one and I'm learning. (I've already goofed a few things but have made adjustments)
  • The $12 price for the signed copy of FADE INTO ME is what I will be selling the book for once it's published
  • Any and all "extras" (from my goof ups) will be put directly into swag or other marketing for the book
  • I already have a wonderful editor and typesetter just waiting for me to come up with the money
  • I've also picked out the cover and am simply playing the waiting game
  • Although I've set delivery of FIM to February, if I can get it out any earlier I will!
Now, here's the details on the book itself.


Aliens live among us. Their purpose: to protect and nurture their greatest mistake—mankind.

Caedan Frey’s family has fulfilled this duty for thousands of years, but it doesn’t free him from his obligation as prince of the Reparation. Although he doesn't believe humans will evolve to see the magic, much less control it, he has two months to marry one or face the wrath of the High Council. Bitter about a responsibility he thinks prevents him from marrying for love, he figures any human girl will do. He's ready to propose when his soul mate stumbles into—and right out—of his arms.

Human, Ryanne Killian might be his one shot at happiness while still fulfilling his duty. Unfortunately, she guards a dark secret within her co-dependent personality, and she thinks the only way to protect Caedan is to push him away.

Caedan must convince her she’s worthy of his love before the men who hurt her before steal more than her virtue. If she can see her own worth, she just might save herself and his people.


Any help spreading the word and helping me raise the money to self publish is greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Many of you know the wonderful CD Coffelt. She's been one of my blogging buddies for four years now and I don't know what I'd do without her. Last week the second book in her Magic Withheld Series was released. You don't want to miss this one!

Mage Revealed
Book Two of The Magic Withheld series

Struck with enough malevolent Spirit to turn him into a raving beast of a man, Bert Reese fights to remain human. Alone, he walks a slender path between sanity and madness. Then, an unlikely source enters his life to help—one of the now-hated mages.

But Ashleigh is different and calms his butchered senses. Her fierce nature is the only rock that stands between him and the crevasse that is beast. In all ways, she walks beside him toward a new beginning. But at the end of their journey lies the one who used Spirit against him. Questions arise; did Tiarra, head of the Imperium, lose her magic, die, or simply give way to the new order? Or, like a spider, does she wait for a mage to blunder into her web?

Forced on him without a care for his humanity, Bert is the mage who should not exist, born with a different kind of magic.

And the gates of Hell are no match for the magic he wields.

Bert whirled her around, gripped in the circle of his arms. Ash squealed and laughed as her feet left the ground.

Still the lightning crashed, deafening and brilliant.

“So you’re a mage now. Full blown and no walls,” he said after setting her on her feet. He stepped back and released her to look her up and down as if assessing her. “I don’t see a difference. Just the same Ash as before.” He wrapped his arms around her tight and kissed her mightily.

Strange how close she seemed to him. Even when she broke from his grasp, it was as if he was still touching her.

Skertttt…boom. Boom. BOOM.

Three quick strikes hit the earth only missing the house.
Ash flinched. She held up one hand to the sky. “Ack. Okay, stop now. Stop. GAH.”

Another bolt arrowed into a maple tree. Sparks bloomed like a flower from the trunk.

“Stop,” Ash yelled. “Why can’t I control it?”

Fear shot through Bert. Why couldn’t she stop it? Wasn’t it hers to control?

He took a step. Then another and another until he stood in the grassy lawn in the open. He held up his shaking hands, limbs that quivered as if in palsy.

“Stop,” he murmured.

Deathly quiet reigned over the back yard of the McIntyres’ house. Ash licked her dry lips. After the second try, she finally spoke, her voice cracked and low in wonder.

“You’re a wizard.”

Bert stared at her like a man who had lost all hope.

I am the Huntress of fantasy on, Facebook, Twitter, and the writer’s critique site,

Find Wilder Mage and the sequel, Mage Revealed at Amazon.
Add it to your list on Goodreads.

My Kickstarter for FADE INTO ME

I made the decision to self publish FADE INTO ME. It's been a long time coming really, and now that I've made the choice, I feel such peace. This story has been a labor of love. Each revision has brought more excitement than I've felt in a long time with the writing.

This is the story where I refused to lock myself in a box.

In order to do the story justice I'm hiring a professional editor and typesetter. That's why I'm doing a Kickstarter Project. Everything is set up and submitted. I'll let you know as soon as it's live.

In the meantime, here is the book trailer.


Friday, October 24, 2014

Mara Valderran's Heirs of War, Crown of Flames

The NA fantasy series Heirs of War has taken Wattpad by storm with over one million reads, and the second installment has arrived. Catch up on Heirs of War (#1) for just 99 cents now!

Heirs of War #1:

When seventeen year-old Zelene finds herself thrust into a world of magic and prophecy, she discovers fighting destiny might not be the toughest battle she has to face. Now she must join with three other girls, complete strangers linked only by blood relation, to fight a war they know nothing of and rescue the twin sister she's never met.

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The adventure continues with Heirs of War, Crown of Flames...

Heirs of War, Crown of Flames
Heirs of War #2
Mara Valderran
Cover Art by Gretchen Byers

Weeks have passed since Ariana and Alec escaped from Kellen's dungeon, but danger isn't far behind them. The guilt of his past weighs heavily on Alec’s shoulders, and his secrets only push Ariana further away. As they travel through unknown lands and encounter multiple threats, their biggest challenge might be trusting one another.

The world appears to be going on regardless of the risks Ariana faces. The Duillaine insist that they are doing everything they can to find Ariana, but their actions betray that claim. Despite the danger and the war closing in around them, all of Anscombe seems to be more interested in the upcoming Imbolc festival and Terrena’s betrothal than rescuing Ariana.

Well…not everyone.

Tired of waiting for the Duillaine to help her twin, Zelene starts plotting on her own and finds a surprising ally in Rhaya, even as the Cynewards prepare to make a move of their own. But Zelene’s plans go awry when she finds herself with a new ability, a mysterious new friend, and more enemies within the walls of Anscombe than she thought.

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Zelene steadied her breathing. "Someone explain to me what is
going on."
"They want to help," Ellowyn explained and rushed
forward. "We can't do this alone."
"We need people we can trust," Zelene shot back and
gestured to Tate, "and he spent his time on Dhara spying on us. How do you
know he isn't spying on us still?"
"I know," Rhaya said.
Tate swaggered forward with ease, stopping directly in front of
Zelene with a scowl on his face. "I get that you don't like me. Newsflash:
I don't like you either. You're a stubborn, spiteful, angry brat as far as I'm
concerned. I'm done trying to play nice with you. But here's the deal: Ariana
is my best friend. Ariana, I like. Which means that if you and the Cynewards
are going after her, I'm in."
Zelene pulled back. "No one said anything about the
Rhaya raised her hand meekly. "That was me too. I'm the one
who brought Tate in, and I thought that maybe we could send them word of where
we're heading after we leave. Then they won't get in trouble for plotting with
Tate shook his head. "It isn't necessary. They know what
you're planning. Honestly, you thought you could keep this away from them? They
live and breathe to watch over you every second of every day. Even when you
don't see them, they are there."
"Why aren't they trying to stop us?" Rhaya asked.
"Because that isn't their way," Terrena answered as she
and Nolan joined the group. "They aren’t our fathers anymore, they are our
Cynewards, and now they must follow the rules set forth for their kind. They
don't interfere, only protect us. And what’s more…because of the prophecy, they
can't stop us, even though I assure you they want to."
Zelene crossed her arms over her chest. "How do you know
"Because Kenward told me," Terrena answered and shrugged
at Rhaya's look of disbelief. "You aren't the only one that breaks the
rules, you know."
Rhaya could tell that Zelene was still suspicious of her sister's
involvement. "What made you become such the rebel?"
Terrena wrung her hands together. "I wasn't raised on Dhara,
but I was raised…differently. I don't see things the way you assume I do."
She turned to Zelene. "Like some sort of spoiled princess. That's not how
I lived. I haven't agreed with your methods, Zelene, but when I saw you stand
up for the Tainted…well, I saw you for the leader you truly are."
Zelene scoffed. "I'm not a leader."
"Yes, you are," Nolan disagreed. "You are a true
leader, the likes of which the worlds have not seen in quite some time. People
flock to the Cahirans because they use pretty words and make passionate
arguments. The Duillaine counter that by reciting the rules and taking the same
hard stance they've had for generations. But you? You have the power of the
Duillaine and the passion of the Cahirans, and you truly care about people. And
the people will follow you."
"Right," Zelene muttered. "No pressure. So…time for
a real plan."


Mara Valderran is an author of young adult and new adult books, but she's more than just a madwoman with a writing box. She is an avid reader and fan of all things sci-fi and fantasy. She loves roller skating and movies, though typically not together. She lives in Las Vegas with her husband and demanding cat. She hopes to one day meet Daniel Jackson from SG1, or at least the actor who played him. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading, playing video games, or counting down the days until DragonCon.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday is for Marriage

It seems my Mondays are turning into my date "day" with my hubby. I love it! Last week we both took the day off for our bathroom home project. Today I drove with him for a business assignment. While he's teaching a class, I'm indulging in a mini writer's retreat.

Today I'll concentrate on continuing edits to Talia's sequel. There's a story somewhere under all the word vomit.

Last week I finished my tweaks to Fade Into Me and updated the book trailer. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

  • What works? 
  • What doesn't? 
  • What do you think this book is about from the trailer

I'm worried the word "alien" will throw people off, although it's "technically" true. :) Thanks in advance for your help!

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