Thursday, August 21, 2014

The One That Get's Stuck In Your Head

The title says it all.

Which dumb way is likely to be how you die?

Mine is getting the toast out with a fork.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tim Hawkin's Fire Ants

In case you missed Monday's post, I'm sharing some of my kids' favorite videos while I dig back into writing.

There was a day and a night where we sat as a family and watched every Tim Hawkins video on youtube. This one we had to watch several times. This is the short version with just the song. What you don't see is Tim telling how his 6 year old son wrote a poem and asked his dad to use it in his comedy act. This is the fruit of that request.

Monday, August 18, 2014

It's the First Day of School and the Duck Song

It's the first day of school! As much as I love my kids, I'm excited to get back to writing and revising. However, I'm going to miss some of the fun times I have laughing with my kids all day.


This week I'll celebrate our silliness by sharing some of our favorite youtube videos. Here's the Duck Song.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Eyes Have Been Opened By A Playlist

Seriously, how could I be so dense?

Weeks (months?) ago, one agent graciously rejected my partial and suggested I should market it as a paranormal romance instead of a YA fantasy. I was a little confused, but at the same time I figured she knew what she was talking about. Ever since then, I've put querying on hold as I let that bit of information sink in.

Today I was listening to my playlist for Fade Into Me on Grooveshark. Anytime I hear a song that makes me think of a certain character or scene from a work in progress I save it to Grooveshark. As I listened to this list (while cooking dinner) it finally sunk in. EVERY song is a love song.

I know this sounds silly, but I think this will help me finish polishing this story. There have been little bits that just WON'T be smoothed, and now I know why. I've been trying to fit my romance into a genre it didn't really fit. In fact, I sort of ignored a lot of the romance elements because I didn't want it to be a romance.

Time to face the facts. FIM is a romance with a younger protagonist. Plain and simple. I should roll with it.

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