Sunday, April 4, 2010

April 4th Goal Report

Here is a quick report for the week. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, and for those who celebrate it, Happy Easter! We are enjoying a lovely day here in the South. Sunshine, flowering trees, baby green everywhere you look, birds fluttering all over the place, and clear blue skies as far as you can see.

Last Week's Goals:
  1. Continue revising/editing. Work at least 1 1/2 hours a day on it. I have long chapters coming up that contain new material not worked over as many times. I know it is going to go slower. I opened the file every day. Does that count? I did miserably this week and revisions seem to be at a halt.
  2. Submit ONLINE. Check! I submitted it to Flash Fiction Online and will now wait the 8-10 weeks to hear something.
  3. Post my first page on April 2. Check! Thank you to everyone who commented.
  4. Work on my murder blogfest scene. Check! It is written and revised twice. I felt good about it until my hubby read it and said, "It's ok, but nothing different from anything else you see on TV." *POP* That was my self-esteem. Ok, murder is not my usual thing, but now I'm trying to think of a way to twist what I've written before the deadline to post.
This week's goals:
  1. Survive Spring Break with all four kids home all day. 
  2. Write something whenever possible: 
    • continue working on murder scene
    • finish baking scene--it is started :)
    • write body language scene--no verbal communication allowed
What I learned last week: 
  1. Sometimes it is better to stop writing when you are not in the zone. I put away SENDEK and worked on other things. 
  2. I need to make the planet Sendek more of a character in my book, because it is a huge factor in who these people are, what their abilities are, and the object of desire for the antagonist. It is the source of all the magic that creates and solves the major conflicts in the novel. 
  3. Blogfests can be a great confidence booster when you need it the most. They can also help you find the areas you need to take another look at for the goal of improvement.


  1. I know what it feels like to fail at revisions. I haven't touched mine in months, though that's mostly because I've been swamped with school, and the other reason why is all of my free time has gone towards writing something new and reading.

    As much as I love writing goals, when you're incredibly busy I think it's good to just try to write whenever you can instead of shooting for a specif word count/day.

    Good luck writing and with your online submission!

  2. Whoa you had a ton of goals!!! Good luck with revisions this week I haven't started yet but I'm excited too!

  3. Charity

    Your husband said it was as good as the stuff that has made it onto the TV - forget bubble bursting this is inflating!

  4. Good luck with Spring Break. I only have two kids, but I'm happy to say we all survived. They'll be back in school tomorrow morning.

  5. I think it's great that you're making new goals, assessing your progress, and making new goals. Good luck with your spring break week. Mine isn't until 04/19.

  6. You're making progress and that is what matters. If you're not in the mood to write then take a moment to stop and enjoy the kids. The desire always comes back, especially when the kids start fighting.

  7. Thanks Elaine, looking at it that way sure feels better.

    Runs-w-child, so true! I think I write some of my best stuff when they start fighting by channeling all their aggression.

    Thanks everyone! I'm sure we will survive Spring break. We made our plans today and I may even get to squeeze in some blogging and writing time. I already have 3 blog posts half way finished so it won't take as long during the week.

    If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear! *raises imaginary sword into the air with the sound of fanfare in the background*

  8. Murder scenes are hard to write. Humor and irony are always 2 good friends in such a situation, along with mystery, of course. Think : reinvent the murder scene - make your own comment. Root for the murderer maybe?

    Thanks for your kind comments about my latest posts. I am intrigued by the murder scene blogfest. Could you let me know if it is too late to submit and to where?

    Have an exciting Spring, Roland

  9. Great job meeting your goals! :) I'm also doing the murder blogfest and it should be really fun. Murder's not my usual thing either, but hey, we are stepping out of our comfort zone :) Excited to see yours! Good luck with revisions.

  10. I'm impressed with your goals. Thanks for mentioning your post on my blog so I could check them out. I especially liked your "submit online" goal. I'm going to add that to my goals. :)


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