Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Overcoming Writer's Block--Tip #1

I've been going crazy with this post sitting in my dashboard waiting to go live. I moved it up a day so I wouldn't chicken out. 

Well, this is the post some of you have been waiting for. The post in which I humiliate myself with a dance video. Here's the funny part--I never found the post where I promised a dance video if I hit 100 followers before the Baking Blogfest. However, I do know for a fact that when I conducted my poll, the winning option was "Do a little dance...". So, here we go.

I planned several different ways to make this fit in with the writing theme and this is the one I liked the best. I want to thank my mom and sister for helping me put it together over the weekend. They made me laugh and helped me enjoy this instead of feeling stupid. The video is perfectly silly, and now that it is all done, I love it. I hope you laugh as much as we did putting it together. Disclaimer: I never said I could dance. :) You may need to turn the sound up, while I crawl into a hole and hide for a few days. See you on Saturday for the next round of blogfests.

And because that wasn't embarrassing enough, here are the outtakes.
Outtake #1

Outtake #2


  1. Oh my gawd! Charity - you are the super-coolest evah! I'd never have the guts to do something like this, and you rocked it. This might need a link tomorrow - maybe even a sidebar - at my place!

    That's one way to cure writer's block. Woot.

  2. How is this embarassing?! Those were some amazing dance moves there and I loved the costume! I LOVED it :~D

    I love that you posted this. You rock ;~)

  3. You are so brave! I would totally never be able to do that. Not that it was embarrassing or anything. But kudos. Glad I popped over here from Mia's blog :)

  4. Charity, you ROCK! This is MADE of epic win! I laughed soooooooooo hard! You don't need to feel embarassed at all!

    Your family seems so nice! You should vlog more often!

  5. Awesome! Loved this! The things we suffer for our art! :-)

  6. LOL, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Tara, a link would be awesome. If I'm going to be silly, I'd might as well live it up.

    Mia, I couldn't find a tutu so the square dance cancan was the best I could do.

    Rebecca, welcome! Nice to meet you.

    Elizabeth, it still makes me laugh too. I couldn't convince my hubby to help me. (He thought I was crazy.) Lucky for me I have a fun family. My mom is a teacher and she wants to use it for her 5th graders when she talks about writing.

    Laurel, so true, so true.

  7. I love this! Your dance is awesome and I love the tiara! I going to have to totally try this when I get writers block! =)

  8. Rolling on the floor laughing--this is why I married you! I have to say the gun shooting from the hips is my favorite move :) And if this was supposed to be dancing with your character--what type of book are you writing?? If you ever run for an election, I am sure this video will surface quickly! Love ya

  9. Looks as if you had lots of fun doing this. (^v^)

  10. Wow. I'm just not that brave. Thanks.

  11. That's AWESOME! I can pretty much guarantee I'd never dare do that. :)

  12. Oh! Gah *facepalm* I forgot to tell you I awarded you some awesomesauce today in a post *snaps fingers* I knew there was something else

    Happy Wednesday!

  13. Charity, I loved it! I also liked that you were willing to put yourself out there to keep your promise and for our amusement. That was noble of you. That dance was great!

    The outtakes were so funny. I can't tell you how many times I've done stuff like that and messed it up and each time I said: "I'll get it this time."


  14. Carolyn, I recommend every girl acquire a tiara. :)

    Anonymous hubby, I promise to never run for election. I could say something risque here, but will save it for later.

    Diandra, Kayeleen, and Annette, I normally don't do this either. I don't know what came over me!

    Mia, thanks! I'm heading your way in a minute to read today's post.

    Jai, I'm glad you liked the outtakes. I figured if I was going to post anything, I might as well post it all. I promise to do my best to keep my word.

  15. O.M.G. That was AWEsome! Kudos for your spank dance moves! And everyone looks better in a tiara, wouldn't you agree?

    Loved it! I tagged you on my blog today :))

  16. I loved this. You seriously rock, girl. :)

  17. Awesome! I love it. And PS. I totally remember you saying you'd do a dance video...

  18. *Standing ovation with applause*

    Awesome, Charity! Loved it! Thank you for making me smile. :D

  19. Oh my! You are a brave brave woman, and very, very cool! :) Love the music!

  20. I came over here from Constant Revisions and I'm so glad I did! That's a real feel-good video you've got going there.

    I thought I was brave when I put my voice up on my blog and some photos - I haven't had the courage for video yet.

  21. Oh man! I hope you left that on my recorder!


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