Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's online!

My story is posted on 365 Tomorrow today. Here is the LINK. The formatting is off and it makes it a little confusing in spots. There should be italics for the telepathic conversations.

365tomorrows has a forum where people will really tear up this piece. I'm actually excited about that! They have no reason to be nice so I will see what people really think and make improvements based on that.

After reading it again, I can tell how much I've learned since sending it to them in January. There is a lot I can tweak to make it even better, but there is potential here. (I'm borderline thinking it's very amateurish and crummy, but I still like the idea. Just time for a rewrite.)

Yesterday I went between excited and practical. The conversation went sort of like this.

Voice 1: Finally!
Voice 2: They probably post everything that is sent to them. It is free flash fiction after all.
Voice 1: If they post everything why did it take so long? I've been waiting four months.
Voice 2: Because they have such a huge pile of emails to go through.
Voice 1: But I've liked most of the stuff I've read there. Surely they have some kind of standard?
Voice 2: Why don't you look it up?
Voice 1: Because I don't want to know if you're right. I just want to enjoy this tiny moment of validation.
Voice 2: Fine, if you must get your hopes up.
Voice 1: There is still that other piece I sent in. You know the one where they may actually pay me something to publish my flash fiction.
Voice 2: *sighs* Let's just keep waiting. Maybe you'll convince me if that one is accepted.

Why can't we just be happy? Do you think it is good to have a positive and negative voice inside your head?


  1. Oh, without those positive and negative voices in my head I'd be lost, LOL I try to listen to the positive more than the negative, but sometime ...

    Good luck with your writing. Sounds like you're on a good path.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. Congrats on getting your story up!

  3. Congratulations on your story. I used to write out 'head' conversations after learning about IM'ing God from a course I took. You could call God, or Universe, Buddha, whatever works..Ex.
    Lynn: God, what's up? How come I'm so unmotivated?
    God: I see you ate a bag of Chocolate Chip Cookies last night. I think you're sad about something.
    L: You think? Well, where's 'the guy' you promised?
    G: You're doing fantastic on your own too.
    L: Yea?
    ...and on and on. Kind of fun! And insightful. Have a great week!

  4. Congrats on getting your flash published!

    That conversation was so cute, but I could totally relate to it...
    Having both the positive and negative voices inside my head at the same time really is frustrating sometimes, I'm amazed at how good they are at cancelling out each other.
    I try to focus on acting like I want to feel and not listen too much to either voice :)

  5. We always think we could do more, be more, do better... thus the voices.

  6. Congrats! Sometimes the voices are helpful and sometimes not.

  7. THis is good news! Congrats to you!
    The positive/negative voice is good for me. It does make me over think things sometimes but for the most part it really helps with critiquing myself.

  8. First of all, congratulations!

    Second - yes, the negative voice is important. It's what keeps us struggling to get better.

  9. I've decided I need that negative voice as much as the positive one. Without it I would settle for mediocrity. I need the positive to keep from sinking in depression, but the negative to keep me working and moving forward.

    Thanks everyone!


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