Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Blahs

  • New WIP: 5890 words. Still like the idea, just need some peace and quiet so I can understand what the voices are trying to tell me.
  • Still need a better title for SENDEK. Worked on summary, tweaked the query a bit more thanks to your comments on Wednesday. Thanks!

I'm sinking into the blahs again. Writing stopped on Sunday. Why? I don't know. Frontierville, exhaustion, kids running around everywhere bored and needing to be entertained, oppressive heat, the fact I haven't been running in a week? Who knows for sure.

I did make myself cut my summary down to 4 pages today. It is a horrible read though. Dry, boring list. I need to find some way to put life into it, but not today. Not this week even. I'm running on empty and need to refill somewhere. So, I'm listening to music that makes me feel good...

...about myself.

Or simply reminds me that somethings are more important than others.


  1. I love how music can recharge the soul. Good luck with the recovery.

  2. I also try to listen to music or watch a movie I love (even if I've seen it hundreds of times) to regroup and relax a bit.
    Everyone needs this from time to time, so don't be hard on yourself for not writing this week :)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend with lots of laughs, rest and treasured moments with your family :)

  3. My wip is at... lemme check... 2475, counting headings and titles. That's down from ~5k last week, and up from 1k the week before. Still drudging along!

    It takes time. I have to keep telling myself that. When I finally hit the right spot the words will flow and I'll have 75k in no time at all.

    Pain is part of the process. Ain't that grand!

    - Eric

  4. I was singing to Unstoppable when I realized it was the Olympic version and I was singing the wrong words. XD


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