Monday, July 26, 2010

Mia's Super Giveaway

Do you remember Mia's Super Giveaway? Well, in order to get some extra entries I said I would post a short story using the words: jam, flying monkeys, vampires, willow trees and kittens. I wrote this Thursday while watching my kids swim at the pool. When I read it to them they all laughed, and were super happy because they were all in it. Super silly, but I hope you enjoy it all the same. NOTE: Two of these three conversations really DID occur in my house within the last three months.

A Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Mom

     "Hey Mom, do you have your costume for girl's camp ready?" Kiah spread peanut butter on her toast.
     "No. I still can't decide what I want to be." I handed her the strawberry jam, her favorite.
     "I thought you were going to be a flying monkey."
     "I wish! That would be so cool, but I couldn't come up with wings to do it justice."
     "So, what's left? Munchkin or Emerald City person."
     "Munchkin will be easiest."
     The front door flew open and Adam came running in. Once again the outer glass door was left wide open.
     "Adam, close the door." I yelled.
     "Mom, the vampires killed Emma's kittens!" He was breathless and sweat rolled down the bridge of his nose.
     "What are you talking about?" I began clearing the kitchen counter.
     "I saw them. It was so gross!"
     "The vampires?" Kiah asked.
     "No, the kittens. They were all mangled and bloody."
     "Cool! Where are they?" Kiah dropped her toast and headed for the door.
     "It wasn't vampires." I called to their retreating backs.
     "Sure it was." Adam called back.
     "Not if you saw blood. My guess is zombies."
     "Even cooler!" They rushed out the door.
     "Close the door!" Shaking my head I went into the living room to dust my willow tree statues.
     I enjoyed two minutes of peace before a loud thump from upstairs drew my attention. It was followed by the sound of multiple feet running through the hall and coming down the stairs.
     "Cole! Mom, Cole threw all my underwear out the window! Now I have to crawl in the bush to get them."
     "I'm sorry Ash. Be careful and watch for snakes."
     "Aaahhh! Can't you keep him out of my room?"
     "Why don't we all go to the pool?" I smile my best smile and ignore her question.
     She stomps out the door to retrieve her clothes.
     "Close the door!"

I'm working on the vlog. :)


  1. Hehehehe! Wow!

    This is wonderful! Was it the underwear and the costume? The underwear thing seems like something my brother would have done to me long ago *nods*

    You get wonderful, sparkly super duper extra entries for this :D *notes down* *passes glittery entries*

  2. Help me in my ignorance: what's a vlog?
    In light of your story, I'm guessing it's some vampire version of a blog.
    "Can't you keep him out of my room?" is something that sure sounded familiar to me.
    Love it!
    Hey, I just clicked on vlog on your sidebar and now I'm thinking it's a video log. Man, I learn something every day.

  3. Haha! I'm hoping the conversation about the poor little kitties killed by either a vampire or zombies is the made up portion of the story. lol.

  4. *zooms back in* Also, I know I did originally say post them in the comments but, erm... I mean, if it's not too much trouble that'd be great. But if you like you could just post a link in them to this page? :)

    Something like that. I'm not too bothered because you have informed me and I know where it is and the extra entries have been awarded ;)

  5. hehehe! Sounds like conversations that happen in our house :)

    Fun story!

  6. Well, as long as they keep the door shut, what could possibly go wrong?!

  7. Hee hee. That was so awesome! I can't wait to see the vlog!


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