Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Best Week In August

That was the last five days. Always is. We get to party in my family from Aug 12th through Aug 16th. It keeps us busy, we eat a lot, A LOT of cake, and do a lot of nothing if we can help it. By nothing, I mean hang out at the pool, play games, and just hang out as a family being as silly as possible.

Why? Well, during those five days, we have two birthdays (one of them was mine) and our anniversary. One of my daughters turned 11. She is excited to start middle school, and disappointed that she didn't get an I-touch for her birthday. I told her I get to get one first, and I didn't get one either, so... :) This year I'm closer to 40 than 30, but I still feel 18 inside, so no worries. Right?

Here are a few highlights:
We do this thing called "Happy happy hang over your head, what are you going to do with it? Eat it, play with it, or wear it?" You say this with each gift and make the person guess. I got a much needed computer bag for all those trips to the library, and a wireless mouse.

And this is how it all started.

I fell in love with an awesome guy, followed him around for a few years, waited for a couple more, and then married him. We may have been married for only 14 years, but we've known each other for 24!

The youth at church love to hear our story. Here it is in a nutshell from my perspective. At first, he was this great guy that I respected and admired. He became the rubric for how I viewed all the other guys I knew. I always wanted to marry someone like him. Then, I started to think, "If I married N, that would be ok." And finally to "I really hope I marry N!" Somehow, he felt the same. 

After one semester together at BYU, he left for his mission and I scrambled to finish as much of my education as possible. By then we knew. No promises, at least not verbally, but we KNEW. He called me the night he got home. A week later he arrived in Utah to visit me...with a ring in his pocket!

I could go on forever about this man, so I won't start on what makes him wonderful. I'll end with this. His eyes still drive me crazy. Love you hun!


  1. What sweet pics!

  2. Hi Charity! I got an award for you!

  3. That's sweet. My wife and I knew each other a while before we even dated and then it wasn't long after that we just knew.
    And what kind of cake did you have?

  4. AW! That is so so awesome! I love the story of how you two got together! =)

    What a busy week!

  5. Thanks John! I've added your name and link on my awards page.

    Alex, I think my cake is why I learned to decorate. I had something very specific in mind for what I wanted, and it didn't turn out that way. Disappointment has stuck with me all these years. The cake tasted great, I only had one bite of it, but the free hanging ropes were smashed to the side. I've since learned that is an extremely difficult thing to accomplish and I was probably asking too much for my budget. It was plain old vanilla too.

    The fact that my disappointment stuck with me all these years made me think that I wanted to learn to do cakes. I can now make any kind of cake I feel like eating and know I won't be disappointed. I call that success!

    Thanks everyone! Some things really do keep getting better with time.

  6. Ow, Charity that's such a sweet story about how you and your husband got together. You're cheering me right up.

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday!


  7. And your kids look adorable!



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