Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Follows and the scariest shirt I've ever seen.

Tonight is our region's Nanowrimo Kick-off party. I have some fun social games planned for those that come. Then we'll talk goals and plans to reach those goals while snacking on all kinds of goodies.

Since this is my 2nd year as ML for my region, I got a free t-shirt in the mail about a week ago. Now, I love Nano, but this is the scariest shirt I have EVER seen. There's a reason they can give these away. They probably got them for free from a t-shirt factory who realized the color was a big Oooops!

This picture doesn't look that bad, but pull out a yellow highlighter. That's what color it really is. It GLOWS!
It's cute on my little man though.
I did promise my Region I'd wear it to the party. I'll post pictures later.
In other news. We carved our pumpkins last night. There were some weird things taking place on our back porch. 
 The Midge.
And my hubby was getting friendly with the Pumpkin Princess!

How's that for random!? Ok, now for the part you really came be to see...Friday Follows! Here are 5 blog posts that really struck a personal chord with me this week. They were written just for me, but maybe it'll help you too.

Eric Trant wrote about Writer's Guilt. I'm SO there! Thanks Eric for reminding me I don't have to feel guilty.

Mette Ivy Harrison talked about Why Writing a Series Sucks. I'm writing a series. It's good to know how much suck I'm in for right?

Follow that one up with Natalie Whipple's What You Can Bring to the Next Book and you'll start feeling better about avoiding the suck. A good plan makes everything better.

With November 1st almost here, and all the craziness that Nano brings to my life (you know I love every minute of it), I needed to hear Annette Lyon's Top 5 Ways to Stay Sane as a Writer.

And finally, but by no means the least entertaining--Taherah cracks me up with her 6 Lies Everyone Knows About Writers

Oh! Don't miss out on Summer's Blogfest for the Lazy on November 1st. Simply post a picture of your writing space.

And for the last bit of random fun (I promise, for today at least), here is a great clip that sums up Nano in the BEST way EVA!


  1. Ha! I put that video on my blog today too! Love it. :) And thanks for mentioning my blogfest...I need to do that again...

  2. No way I'd wear a tshirt of that color...

  3. Good grief but that is a bright shirt.

  4. Awesome pumpkins! And wow, that shirt, just wow. Great Friday Follow's I'm off to check them out!

  5. Hahaha! Great pumpkins! and links! Have a good weekend!

  6. Fabulous pumpkins - we've yet to do ours. Off to check out the Friday follows :-)

  7. Wow, my eyes ache a little. ;-)

    And I need to click over to the writing a series post, because I'm doing that and it does, indeed SUCK.

  8. LOL, I should put it on and take the picture in direct sunlight. I might "sparkle" its so bright.

    Alex, I'm only wearing it once and then my kids can do whatever they want with it. I'm just not that into the "LOOK AT ME I'M RIGHT HERE" approach this shirt has.

    Oooo, but it might come in handy during races when I do want to be found among the thousands of others. There may be a silver lining to this monstrosity. :D

  9. Thanks for the links, Charity. I hope Nano goes well for you. No matter what stress you go through, I bet you'll have an amazing experience.


  10. Thanks Jai! I know I will. I love the social aspect of it and the chance to challenge myself with a crazy deadline.


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