Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nano Day 3 Update

First, I totally forgot about Summer's Lazy Blogfest. All I had to do was post a picture of my writing space. Check out her sidebar for the list of other participants. Here's where I write, unless I'm not. :D I also write a lot at the library and in the car pool line.

I try to keep it clean, but the big comfy chair tends to collect things. But, from here I can keep an eye on my little guy playing outside.

Ok, I'm starting Day 3 of nano with 2,306 words. I'm a little behind. My goal is to catch up today and push past 5000 words. First I have to go for a run, pick up the newsletter from the printer, be interviewed for the local paper (pop culture section for Nano), deliver gift bag invitations to three nursing homes for the Nativity Festival (I designed this website too) coming up the first week of December, and maybe pick up my books from the library that are on hold. 

No wonder I'm falling behind! And, and, my google reader is over 300 again! I'll try and swing by your blogs, but don't expect a lot of comments from me this month. I still love all of you though and love reading how you are doing with your various goals this month.

Good luck everyone, I know I'm going to need it.


  1. I love your desk! It's so nice and neat, and those candles are great. Obviously, I love candles. :) I wouldn't worry too much about being behind--on good days, just bank more words! It all evens out in the end. :)

  2. Your desk is wonderful! Mine's so cluttered its shameful. But I guess I like to see it as a reflection of my mind ;)

    Yay for the word count! I believe you can do it.

  3. Oh that looks like a wonderful placed to write!
    Whoo! On the Word count!!

  4. That is a great writing space!

    Have fun with Nano.


  5. Oooo, I love the view! I sit in my living room, on the couch, but I would love to have a space like that.

    I'm at 4300 words. I wish I was further along, but working full time just doesn't allow for it. Maybe the weekend....

  6. Thanks! I love my desk too. Sunlight keeps me going, so being surrounded by windows is a huge plus. I can watch my kids play and not feel like a total slacker mom.

    Mia, I have to clean it regularly. Clutter makes me feel boxed in and my muse doesn't work well when that happens.

    The word count is picking up a bit as I settle into my story. I hope everyone else finds the same as they continue with their projects.


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