Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ways to get Motivated

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So, I've been struggling the last month. It's been almost a year since I tested the query waters and I need to jump back in. It wasn't all that bad the first time.

Yeah, I didn't find the right agent, but I learned a lot from the rejections I received. I found some new crit partners and worked really hard on Sendek.

So why am I scared like its the first time again?
Could it be that I'm even more invested in the story? Could it be that although I know I can handle the rejection, I really feel like my time is close?

What if it's not?

What if I never find that agent and get published traditionally?

That's still my dream, but as time marches forward the publishing industry is changing and small publishers look better and better. Even indie publishing is losing the bad rep it's had in the past.

Whatever comes, I need to get motivated and do SOMETHING! Want to see how my newest method of motivation took form?

This is my free proof copy from Createspace. When you win Nanowrimo you get one of these. I didn't do it last year, but this year I needed a boost. I needed to see my story in book form with a pretty cover and my name on it.

Part of me thought, "This might be it. The only way it will ever happen."

So I did it. Part of me thought it would be enough, you know? Then I could move on with my life.

Be normal again.

Concentrate on being a better mom, wife and friend.

It came in the mail yesterday and I carried it around with me everywhere.
  • I flipped to my favorite scenes and read.
  • I circled mistakes and verb tense changes that popped out at me.
  • I drew squiggly lines to move phrases around.
  • I marked out other words I didn't need.
  • I showed it to anyone that stopped by my house.
My poor kids screamed and were so excited when they saw it. "It was published?!"

How can I let them down and give up now? They might not believe me when it really happens, but how can I not keep trying?

Yesterday I started researching agents again. I've pulled out my query letter and synopsis.

It's time to get serious again.

What do you do to pick yourself up and get motivated again? What lengths are you willing to go to?


  1. I didn't use my free proof copy because I didn't like my NaNo novel that much. This year I plan on participating. By then I'll have other novels I can get a proof copy of. Great motivator! Good luck with the queries. :)

  2. looks really nice. I don't think too much about it when I query. I set a month that i'm going to do it. I query for that month and then hold off, revisit, change query, etc then go back at it. My first MS I queried 20 agents. And I knew that the ms wasn't ready, so I put it carefully under my bed. The second, which is the 3rd I've written, I queried in Jan and June, got a few requests and great comments from betas and agent. I'll make some changes and query again in september. After that, I should have my 4th book ready. And I keep going. I don't want to make it seem mechanical. It hurts, stings, and I'm addicted to the email these months, but then I let go and move on. I guess that's the important thing that we know our options and move on. Good luck!

  3. I love your proof's cover!! I have one from last year too :) I wish I had got my act together in time to use it all those other times. ARGH! I'd have heaps of my own books on my shelves if I had;) But I am getting another proof done for the ABNA contest (every participant apparently got a free proof). Just waiting for that to be 'approved' before I can order my proof :)

    I had a similar issue to you, getting burned out/disillusioned. Mostly I had done too much revision :) So I took a break & just wrote for June and some of May. It's been great!

  4. That's awesome! I wish you the best of luck with the process. I'm not sure I want to go through it. Scratch that. I know I don't want to go through it. But, I still just want to keep writing. I'll see one of my books one day, but I'll make it happen myself.

  5. Madeline, that's the same reason I haven't done it before. After two and a half years revising I figured it was worth a copy this year. ;)

    Elizabeth, great plan! I know it still isn't mechanical, but its great you can stick to it. I really don't know what's gotten into me lately. *shakes head*

    Trisha, thanks! Making a cover was one of my previous motivators. When I decided to do the proof, all I had to do was find the right template to drop it into. I'm finding I enjoy that creative side of the process. Good luck with your ABNA proof. It's awesome to hold your book in your hands!

    Miranda, thanks! Enjoy the writing. I'm ready to get back to it because I miss it so much. I even have a great new YA idea that's been waiting for attention...and not very patiently.

  6. Isn't it cool to hold a copy of your book?
    Small publishers is always an option - worked for me.

  7. I wrote a letter to myself with bribes and posted on my blog for the world to see. That seemed to help. Good luck, though. This is a really hard business and it can be so discouraging. Just stick with it.

  8. I, for one, really want to see your novel get published. I think it was Wayne Dyer who said that seeing the book in a finished form is one way to help bring that to fruition (oh, I forget exactly how he said it, but it applies).

  9. Hey that looks great. I got a free proof copy from entering ABNA. I really didn't know what it was. Maybe I'll order it, just to see. Might motivate me to query more too.

    Right now the only thing motivating me is my short story publications. The first was in Bewildering Stories, and this time in An Honest Lie 3 which will be published in the fall. But a 3000 word plot is so much easier to sustain than 90k, so I'm still anxious to see that first novel published, no matter how many short stories make it.

    Well, showing your proof copy has been excellent motivation for me. At least to accept my own from create space. To actually see the possibility in print, wow.

    Thanks Charity.


  10. I've ordered mine now :) I'm pretty sure it's gonna look pretty, at least if they do as good a job on this one as they did on the first.

  11. P.S. That's pretty cool you put a photo on your book's back cover :) The style I chose didn't have that option, or else I didn't figure it out properly :D

  12. Charity, I'm gonna say this to give you a virtual slap because I think you need it. Stop doubting yourself. Stop fidgeting. Just get that query in there. The worst thing that can happen is no agent picks you up. Big deal. This says nothing about you as a writer and you can always hammer out another book and start all over again. Authors write and books get rejected. That is just the way the world works. I just want you to know that I believe in you. But I also believe you need to get querying and stop worrying.

  13. Alex, it sure is! BTW, congrats on the second CassaStar book.

    Beth, what a great idea!

    Thank you so much Liz! That means a lot coming from you since you've seen it pre-perfected. :D Your comments are always excellent BTW.

    Donna, I highly recommend it. The process was easy and it really does get you motivated to move forward again. Plus, for me it's easier to catch mistakes in print than on the screen. And free is always good.

    Trisha, let us know when you get your copy. I'd love to see your cover and such. I think I'm going to play with my cover some more and when I do I see which template I used that let me put the picture on the back.

    Michael, I needed that. Thanks! Oh, and I think my hubby got a bit jealous over our email string. LOL.


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