Monday, July 18, 2011

Life/Writing Update

I haven't reported on my progress in a while. That's probably because I don't feel like I'm moving forward with the actual writing at the moment. Life has been too crazy. Days go by where I feel lucky to get 1-2 hours in my house. It feels like I'm running all over the place. Oh, well. School will start the end of August and then I can get back to writing.

The good news is I did start querying again. I'm sending them out slowly. Taking my time to research and really think about each agent before I send that email or letter.

I've sent 5. Yeah, I know, but read above again. I have had two partial requests, one pass, and two no news yet. I feel like that's pretty darn good! Something is definitely working better this go around. I have three more agents researched and the queries written. All I  need to do is print everything off and buy some envelopes so I can mail them.

In other news, I'm in week 2 of my marathon training. Week one was good--except the long run didn't happen. Yeah, the most important part! I had a five hour training meeting on Saturday and by the time I was done running had fallen off the To-do list. (I really hope these extra pounds start melting away!)

So, this week is:
Monday--run 3 miles check
Tuesday--run 5 miles
Wednesday--run 3 miles
Thursday--cross train
Friday--run 5 miles
Saturday--run 10 miles
Sunday--rest (LOL, obviously these people don't go to my church!)

What's going on in your lives--other than writing? Tell me, I really want to know.


  1. WOW! Good for you all the way round! I'd say (even though I haven't queried yet) that you are doing great. Two partials?!? That's awesome! Are you running a full marathon or a half? I've done a half--one day I hope to do the full 26...IMHO- the biggest part of doing marathons is all mental. My friend just did a race in which his goal was to do 100 miles in 24 hours (he was trying to raise money for Haiti). He ran 101.5 miles! He said the biggest battle was in his head.
    Good luck!

  2. I'm so excited about those partial requests. I've got my fingers crossed for you.

    Things here are insane. We're moving in two weeks and the whole process is just a mess. Plus huge deadlines at work that aren't making my life easier (especially since I work from home and it's hard to separate that from everything else). But come the second or third week of August, I think things will calm down again. Probably about the time your kids head back to school, right? :)

    Good luck with everything. I'm glad your querying is going well so far!

  3. Good luck with the running!!

    My children are due home today or tomorrow after being on vacation for three weeks with my parents. I'm looking forward to seeing them. Then in a couple weeks, we will take off to Disney for a week before school starts again. My writing will take a hit the next few weeks, but I'm ok with it.

  4. You make me tired. How do you find the energy? Please mail me some.

  5. A marathon sounds so hard. I do admire you for signing up and doing all that training. Good luck with your submissions.

    My writing? I've been working on the same chapter for 2

  6. Oh, other than writing....

    Um, I'm job hunting and entertaining my 11yr old daughter.

  7. Good luck w/ the queries and the run.

  8. It's summer so the time I usually write (early afternoon) I now want to be spending outside. So the writing isn't happening every day like I want it to.

    Good luck with the queries.

  9. Congratulations on the two partials. That is super exciting. And I'm very impressed with your plans to run a marathon. I used to be fit, once upon a time. But blogging has replaced jogging, I'm afraid.

    In terms of what's going on in my life, I'm home sick today. Have a bad tummy. :-( But on the upside, it's given me time to finish my helicopter edit of Tangled - hooray!

  10. Wow, that's exciting news, seems like the querying is going pretty well! A friend of mine said that the relationship between her and her agent should be nothing less than love at first sight on both ends. I think she's onto something :)

    As for me, since we last spoke, I'm the FB coordinator/news reporter for FridayFlashDotOrg and more recently staff writer at Milliver's Travels. I'm excited about both of these, especially the latter which involves more creativity, because I have so little time on my hands and this way I'm definitely still writing more than blog posts and am learning so much :)

  11. Wow, marathon training. I'm impressed.

    Here's a YouTube summary video of a dance lesson I attended last Tuesday. I'm excited about tonight's lesson. Dancing is the only thing in my life right now besides writing at work, writing at evening grad classes, and writing on weekends.

  12. Kelly, there's no time like the present to start training! Your friend is so right. The battle is all in the head.

    Thanks Rosie. good luck with the move and the deadlines. Maybe when things calm down we can collaborate on another blogfest?

    Miranda, enjoy Disney for me!

    Michael, I honestly don't know. If I figure that one out I'm going to grab a bit extra. :)

    Cindy, good luck with the job hunt. I know that's really tough right now. Enjoy the time with your daughter too!

  13. Beth and Melanie, thanks and good luck with your writing wherever you can fit it in.

    Cally, I hope you are feeling better now. I have to admit that blogging took the place of my jogging too. The extra 20lbs testifies of that, but I'm going to kiss it good-bye!

    Estrella, your friend has it just about right. If an agent falls in love with my MS it WILL be love for me! LOL. Congratulations on the new writing ventures. I'm going to check them both out when I leave here.

    Callie, I want to magnify my awesomeness! That class looks really fun and I hope you enjoy it.

  14. Yipes, so much to do these days for you!

    For me...eeks, finding a job! I'm a recent graduate and so far, I'm only a month out of the gate and already frustrated that I'm not employed yet. So, really, I'm revolving my time around that, and building up my blog. I'm also trying to work up to 4 days a week at the lazy college bone still needs to be removed. :)


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