Friday, October 14, 2011

Some Links just for You

I've been busy revising this week. For those of you who caught me taking a break on twitter, you know how draining its been. The good kind of drain. You know, when you give all you have within you and pour it onto the page so there's nothing left for you when you're done?

By the end of the day, I just collapse. But something's happening to Sendek. I loved it before, but it still felt...I dunno, not there yet. Now there is a confidence shining through that surprises me. I don't know what happened, but I'm moving through the last half as fast as I can before I lose my muse. (I'm slightly terrified the beginning will seem "young" now that brilliance has hit me in chapter 20.)

So, today I'm just going to throw a list of links at you that I've enjoyed, learned from, or something this week. Totally random stuff here. ;)

I wrote two of my better posts over at Unicorn Bell this week.
Getting Organized: A re-cap of a workshop I took on creating story Bibles.
Engaging Your Senses in Your Writing: A re-cap of another workshop.

Janice Hardy talks about how to make Cliches Work for You.
I've got to get one of these-->3-D Printer
and one of these-->Kindle Fire (I think I convinced my hubby! He really wanted an Ipad, but we can both have our own Kindle Fire for the price of one Ipad. Some things I don't share well.)

I saved this YouTube click for research.


  1. I've seen the video before - wild stuff!

  2. Wait until you get to all the sequels. The work will seem never-ending. I know you asked about my writing the other day. I did forget to tell you that I entered a short story in Writers of the Future. I'm not technically published until 2013 as Double Dragon is hideously slow at getting to manuscripts (although they did say they might get to it late 2012 which may up it a few months). So I figured I'd enter this contest with a 14 page story that I wrote earlier this year and see if I could place in it. So I've been checking their forums to see if any rejections have been sent out yet. I know the chances are slim but it's still fun to see if I make the cut.

  3. great links!
    have a relaxing wknd, wouldja!


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