Friday, June 1, 2012

I Can Haz Healthy Body and Be a Writer?

Do you remember that blog tour giveaway I participated in for Cami Checkett's new book Dead Running? Well, she announced the winners on her blog. You can see them HERE.

And I won something.

I kind of feel weird that I won, but I did enter on A LOT of the other blogs participating. Cami said I could.

Anyway, I won exactly what I wanted. The three months of free online training.

I started today.

I hurt.

I'm so excited to get rid of my Mom/Writer bod though that I don't even care. You know what the best thing is? It comes with menus that generate grocery lists!!!

I don't have to think.

Just obey.
I think there's a sinister story somewhere in those two lines. I'll take before and after pictures and let you know how this turns out at the end of August.