Monday, September 9, 2013

Library Donations MIA?

I learned a valuable lesson today. One that leaves a strange sadness in my heart. You see, I've always had a great relationship with my local libraries. They were places of refuge for me. My children and I could always find common ground within the stacks and activities the library provided.

For the first time ever, a library has let me down.

I donated 2 copies of The Magic Wakes to my local library back in May. Then life happened and I didn't get a chance to pass through those doors until today. I got excited and went in search of my book on the shelf.

I couldn't find it.

I searched the computer.


Finally I asked someone. And she didn't have any idea. She said they are backed logged, but sometimes they simply move donations to their "for sale" table. At my horrified look she assured me that all proceeds still help the library purchase new books.

I stumbled through an explanation that the 2 I donated were brand new, just released this February. Once she realized they were my books, she said she'd ask the person in charge of cataloging and shelving new books.

Then she disappeared. After another 15 minutes I finally checked out the books for my son and came home.

All this time I envisioned my books on the shelf, grabbing the attention of new readers. I've even told several people they were there. I'm kind of sad now, but hope they will be put on the shelves soon.

This much I do know. I'll become a weekly thorn in their side until they do.

I sure hope they didn't sell my $22 worth of books for $2!


  1. What a bummer! You would think if they didn't have a copy they would place at least one on the shelf, especially as you are a local author. I'm sorry, Charity.

  2. That sucks. I hate to say it but they probably did sell them for just that.

  3. That's just terrible. I wonder if they didn't understand that you were local. Usually they have a section for that.

  4. @Alex, thanks. I'm still hoping they are hidden in the back somewhere.

    @Michael, I'm going to pretend for a while longer that they didn't.

    @Rena, this is a strange library and I couldn't find a local section. And I know I was very clear that they were book that I had written when I donated them. This library is pretty small and unlike my last library (which I LOVED) they don't even separate the different fiction genres. It's a pain to find anything I might want to read without knowing exactly what I'm looking for. I used to be able to browse according to mood. It's easier to pick up free kindle books on Amazon than find something at the library.

    Wow, that sounded really negative. Sorry!

  5. Awe - I'm so sorry. That would be a major downer.

  6. Sorry to hear about your experience. If you want to have your books put into the library catalog, it's best to talk to the librarian in charge of circulation and mark the books to his/her attention. That's the approach I took with my local library. Which reminds me that they don't have a copy of my latest book....

  7. I'm sorry. Maybe they just got waylaid and will make it to the shelves soon.

  8. Oh my word that's just so.... Inconsiderate. >_<

    Just stopped by to let you know you were nominated as an Inspiring Blogger for the Paying Forward Awards.

    Please mail me at mishagericke(AT)gmail(DOT)com to claim your prize!

  9. I guess the positive side is that someone has them, right? Good for you for not giving up though!


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