Friday, January 31, 2014

Fading But Still Racing To The End

January 1st I set the goal to finish two WIPs by the end of January--Fade Into Me (FIM) and Search For Knowledge (SFK).

SFK is finished and I'm at the climax of FIM. Today is the last day. Since I'm racing to get some kind of drafted scenes on the page to reach THE END, I'm going to leave you with Charlie and his thoughts on criticism. I especially like the bit about the punch to the face.


  1. A lot of it will be people being dicks - so true! But yes, I do read the negative stuff and the average stuff, and I try to learn from it,
    Hope you hit your target today!

  2. Criticism whether helpful or hurtful lets you know more about the real world. Enjoy your weekend Charity and congrats on your progress.

  3. Yes! Indicate what you like and don't like. There is bound to be both, so put them both out there. Otherwise, it is just like Charlie says... it feels just like a punch in the face. What a great analogy. Too bad that the dicks don't just keep it to themselves... but, it just doesn't work that way!

  4. Charity, do you mind if I use this YouTube clip in my next HERE'S TO YOU post?

  5. Weird. I thought I replied here to Alex and Sheena-kay already. *looks around for missing comments*

    @Alex, thanks! Still working toward that goal. ;)

    @Sheena-kay, so true about the real world!

    @Robin, use it! It's not mine, so *smiles*. Charlie is awesome. I highly recommend spending hours watching some of his earlier stuff. Especially his Chameleon Circuit stuff.

  6. Good luck. I hope you make your goal.

  7. hope you made it! way to crunch out the words, woman!
    and i hope you intend to celebrate reaching your goals!

  8. I'm impressed by your writing spirit, Charity! Keep it up.


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