Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bad Day for Bradford Boys

Sorry I didn't blog about my school visit on Friday. It turned out to be a whirlwind of a day that really meant sitting in the urgent care or ER for a total of seven hours!

Here's how it went down...

10:00 AM--Call from my second grader's school. I guess they were taking a brain break and were dancing to the wiggle song. He tripped over his big feet (seriously they aren't much smaller than mine!) and fell. Straight into a desk with his eye.

It didn't look too bad to me, but the nurse strongly suggested I take him in to see if he needed stitches. So off we went. He was happy to just get it glued together.  Here's what it looks like today.
12:00 PM--We were sitting in the parking lot, texting his dad to set up a lunch date when my phone rings. It's my 7th graders school. "He passed out and had to be wheeled to the nurses office. Please come get him and take him to a doctor."


So, I go to the Jr. High to pick him up. The nurse had him in a wheel chair. It was the scariest thing I'd ever seen. My normally active, bright boy was all slumped over and barely responsive. He was super pale, slightly green with red splotches all over his face. I ran my younger son home to be with his sister and we went back to urgent care. After 30 minutes there, they said that since his lost consciousness they couldn't do anything. We needed to go to the ER.

My husband joined me and we went to the ER. He had started looking better, until he had to walk from the car to the entrance. The short walk took everything out of him and he was slumped over again.
 They ran all kinds of tests. It took forever and every time they started a new one my mother's heart threatened to quit on me. Luckily (?) they all came back normal. As the hours passed he became more talkative. The moment he smiled and started laughing I knew he's be fine. Here's the funniest moment.

There was a sign hanging on the wall. Kid #3 looks at it and says, "That sign is wrong. One, it's not Wednesday."

I'm thinking, good, he knows what day it is!

He continues, "And my name isn't Susan."

Dad--"What are you talking about?"

#3--"R. N. real name. Mine isn't Susan."

We are still laughing over that one!

Eventually he was well enough to complain about how bored he was and that he wanted to go home. Then he wanted to take hospital selfies.
6:00 PM--We finally got to head home with just a splint on one hand. He was bruised from falling on the playground (fall #1) and sore from passing out in the locker bay (fall #2). Who knows how many times he hit his head. We will do a follow up visit with the doc tomorrow, but after all that time they have no idea why he passed out.

I don't like loose ends like that! He wasn't dehydrated, had just eaten lunch. His EKG, ultrasound and blood work were all normal. They said it was probably just some freak thing where something triggered his heart to slow down and he passed out. ???

I'm wondering if when he fell the first time he hit his head but didn't realize it, and then in an effort to look tough, he got up to fasts. Maybe his body didn't have time to register and react to the pain until he reached the locker bay.

Then it just went, "Nope! Not going to do this."


Anyway. The day's events sent all the fun stories from my school visit right out of my head. I felt like the visit went well though. The kids had great questions. I read one of my short stories in the last class and this is the response I got.

"That's just like Halo (fill in something to pinpoint which version) when the (a whole bunch of stuff I don't remember did things). Well, kind of, but different!"

Great! I can write for Halo if I really need to make some money. LOL

I do remember another girl who would yell out every time I picked up THE MAGIC WAKES, "No, not that one again. No more about death!"

I really need to write a kid's book if I'm going to spend so much time in elementary schools!