Wednesday, October 7, 2015

IWSG October 2015 When Life Kills the Writing

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I'm currently #67

It's sad, but I think my blogging might be nearing the end of its wonderfully long run. Life has become too busy. Even though I'd love to escape to writing or blogging, it's not going to happen for a while. Our house still hasn't sold and the weight of two mortgages and two sets of utilities is driving us nuts. Add two trips to the ER in the last four months and we've got a recipe for disaster. We've started looking into renting it out in order to relieve some of that stress.

The saddest thing is everything writing related is falling to the side. I've barely advertised the short story contest, and I haven't had time to sit and write in over a month. That romance novella for the collection was going so well, but I've lost the momentum now. There's also been no work on Talia's storyline--editing or drafting.

It's driving me crazy! I'm not sleeping and I'm cranky. Thank goodness this weekend I'm getting away for a writing conference. I'm considering skipping classes to sit somewhere and write. Would that be bad?

My main insecurities are around writing momentum. It took so long to get it back and now there isn't enough time in the day to squeeze in an hour of writing. Well, maybe there is, but an hour of sleep trumps writing when I find it.

Although this all sounds negative, I do have a lifeline of hope I'm holding onto.

There are three days in October where I'm running away to hide in the hills in a cabin and write. I can barely wait. Today my editor also said she could have my first round of notes to me for Search For Knowledge (probably). I really hope she does because I'm ready to move forward. Immerse myself in Talia's world again. With any luck I can then carve out the time I need to continue drafting book three in the series. That was my goal. Edit SFK and draft Demon Rising by the end of the year.

Wish me luck!

Oh, one more thing. Tomorrow the Kindle version of the 2014 Anthology will be on sale for $0.99. Please tell everyone you know. The royalties from the sale of this short book fund the cash prizes for my contest.

Please leave a link to your IWSG post and I'll get to you in the next few days. I'm at school again today.


  1. Life does have a way of pushing writing and blogging to the side. Sounds like you have a lot going on, but you're trying to stay positive. Enjoy your time at the cabin.

  2. You're just in a season. Don't give up on either writing or blogging. Sorry the house hasn't sold. If you get renters, hope they are good ones.
    And if you sneak away to write, I'm sure it will be all right.

  3. Life likes to get in the way. When it does for me, I try not to stress about the writing I'm not getting done. Sometimes there's too much on our plates and we have to accept that we have to let something slid to the side. I hope things go well for you and you can get back to writing regularly. Until then, don't beat yourself up.

  4. Oh, renting the other house out sounds like an excellent idea! I hope that works out.

    Life sometimes smacks us upside the head. Sorry that's happening for you now. Good luck. Don't worry too much about the writing or the blogging. Perhaps you should just find some fun images and post them once a week (or once a month) until you have time and energy again.

  5. My blogging - and writing - momentum has fallen off too. I'd love to escape and just do nothing but write for a while.

  6. My heart goes out to you Charity. Stick together as a family and plough through this difficult times. Like Liz says, why not just post up pictures - of frustration, laughter, tears - anything and we will lend a supportive word or two. But if there is no time, then don't worry about it. You need to shed some of your worry and guilt.

    Wishing you lots of fun and relaxation at your writing retreat - and don't feel guilty about ditching a class or two! Do what you need to and make the most of your time.

    Take care!! All the best.

  7. Oh I'm so sorry life has thrown you such a series of curves. I totally understand. We ALL do! Life has a way of sneaking in through those cracks we thought we'd long shoved an old hanky into. Glad you've got this weekend to look forward too. That's funny. I'm headed out of town too, though it's not for a writing conference, I can still see the possibility for a change of scenery really helping to reignite my writing.

    Take care of yourself, your family, and breathe deep this weekend! The writing will come.
    It WILL.


  8. Charity, I am so sorry that so much is piled on top of you. Give yourself a break. Rest and try to relax this weekend. Don't worry about the writing. You can't force it. Read when you get a chance. That will refill the well.