Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Holiday Deals!

First, a little update from a couple things I mentioned in my Insecure Writer's Support Group post.

  • A Merrily Matched Christmas (6 novelettes) is available for $0.99 preorder for today and tomorrow before it's release on Thursday. 
  • The author events in Mulberry and Bella Vista were a lot of fun. I enjoy getting to talk about writing in general and love talking about my own stories. What's not to love?
  • I sold a couple books at the craft fair, including my proof copy of The Magic Wakes. I probably shouldn't have, but the teen really wanted it and I felt bad that I hadn't been able to get the books delivered before the fair. I hope he enjoys it. 
  • Last weekend was a wonderful time with family. I ate way too much food, but that's what we do. 
  • I have been writing more this month than I have in the last 8 months, thanks to sort of doing Nanowrimo. That may not say a lot, but I'll take it! Sadly, the writing is scattered between several new ideas as well as the three I need to be finishing. 

Now, on to deals!
It really is the season for shopping isn't it? I've tried to jump on the bandwagon by joining various giveaways this week and the first week of December. I'll list the book, price, and dates below with the links.

Please share, grab, read, review!

A Merrily Matched Christmas (my story is A Christmas Prayer by River Ford)

$0.99 preorder
$2.99 starting on November 23rd, 2017

Fade Into Me kindle countdown deal.

$0.99 from November 23rd--26th
$1.99 from November 26th--29th 
$3.99 every day price

Chocolate Kisses (Book 1 in the Eureka in Love Series)

Instafreebie giveaway with 41 other books available

Free from Dec 1st--Dec 9th


  1. Awesome deals! And way to get more writing done! When I'm not mommying, I find myself very tempted to just jump into a manuscript. It's something in the air...or blogosphere. But then again, since I'm mommying almost 24/7, it's going slow. Wishing you epic success!


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