Monday, January 4, 2010

The Hot Seat

I just spent an enjoyable two hours with a good friend discussing my book and other things over lunch. Becky is a college professor and willingly read my book with her teacher's hat on. The result was exactly what I needed, but it is so hard to sit in the "hot seat" if you will. All of her comments, questions, and suggestions were very positive and helpful for this revision process. A few of them were things I was aware of and concerned about, but some were new to me. No matter how much you KNOW you need to hear it, no matter how much you KNOW it will make you a better writer, it is still HARD to sit through...even when the "teacher" is one as kind as Becky.

All I could do was smile and nod my head in agreement as I sat in this cute cafe on a hard chair. I tried not to squirm or look like she was crushing me--which she wasn't, but I'm still not used to this situation. What is your face supposed to look like when receiving criticism (even the good kind)? I kept explaining things as she brought up comments--you know that nervous chatter that is half defense, half pleading for understanding and all automatic babble that you really haven't thought about before it spills out of your mouth.

Don't worry, my feelings are not even bruised, which means I'm getting better at accepting well meant, well thought out criticism. I am actually very excited about a lot of the things we discussed because I now have new areas to focus on in my revisions.

By the time I'm done I hope to get an A on this little project of mine.

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