Saturday, February 20, 2010

Creative Writer Award

Wow! Thank you  Mia, you really made my day. I think it is funny how these little blog awards can make you sit up straighter and think, "Wow, someone actually likes this dribble that keeps spouting from my fingertips." :)  So, once again thank you very much for reading, and please do comment as much as you want!

Ok, I will now post 10 things that make me happy. I dedicate the first five to writing (since this is a writing blog), and the last five to life in general.

1. I have 19 followers after two months of blogging! I have blogged for over a year on my Food blog and I think I am now up to 14 followers. So, maybe this really is a better choice for my time. 19 may not seem spectacular to a lot of people, but it makes me happy.

2. I love when a scene finally comes together. You know what I'm talking about, I know you do. You get it on paper, but you know something is missing so you let it percolate awhile, and then...Oh joy! Your characters start to whisper what they want to do and you realize they are right. They were all along. Once they are doing what comes natural to them you re-read what you've written and "click". It works and it gives you goosebumps.

3. Time. Time to go away and really write. I can make progress in twenty minute increments, but you need a good hour or two of solid writing time to really get into the groove. During Nano I would sneak away to the library and get 5000 words in a two hour block. That really made me happy! (I later cut half those words, but hey it felt nice at the time.)

4. I read a lot of books and blogs on how to become a better writer. It makes me happy when I read about a common stumbling block that I do NOT have. There are plenty of things for me to improve, so it is nice to know that some things come naturally.

5. A really well written, emotion involving book makes me happy. I love to read, I've always been a reader and I like my emotions to be tied up with the characters. I have books that I save for when I need to cry. Why? Because I don't feel guilty crying for someone else's pain. It seems more noble than crying over my little heartaches. So, I have books for crying, laughing, and loving.

6. My family makes me happy. Ok, they drive me absolutely bonkers too. Angry, frustrated, hurt, worried, you name it, but they are my family and my happiest moments always ocurr with them.

7. My religion makes me happy. Everyone needs something to believe in and believing in a kind, loving Father in Heaven makes me happy. It also encourages me to be kind to others and serve when I can--which also makes me feel better about myself = happy. :)

8. Good music. I'm the kind of person that hears music everywhere. I honestly think my life is a musical and it baffles me that no one else can hear the background tracks.

9. My new laptop. Oh, it is so wonderful to have my own computer that I don't have to share with my children. I think it makes all of us happy.

10. A Reeses Peanut Butter Cup milkshake from CookOut. Oh, that would make me really happy right now!

Ok, I'm supposed to pass this on, but will do so at my disgression. Give me some time to pick people not already honored by this award. ;)


  1. Congratulations. I guess maybe you didn't see, but I gave you Honest Scrap back on February 9th. :-)

    We don't have Cook Out here. This makes me sad because I want a peanut butter cup milkshake, too.

  2. I love #8! I feel the same way, only I've never been able to put it in such great words. Love that!

    And #10, well, did you really have to go there? Just started a diet this week and good gravy does that sound like heaven right about now. *sigh*

    Instead of dwelling, I will hop off here and go play on the Wii Fit :)

  3. Sorry I missed it Christi. As I mentioned on your blog, I need to read to the bottom, but I wasn't expecting my name to be on there. :) Thank you!

    Tara, I'm trying to eat healthier and train for a 1/2 marathon, so I didn't get a shake either. I'm still dreaming about it though.

  4. Love it Charity. Always good stuff. #3 nails it on the head.


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