Saturday, March 27, 2010

Catching up with Awards

**I started this post at 9:30am this morning. It is now 10:20pm and I am just getting to sit down and finish it. What a long busy day, but a very good day because I prefer to be busy. Here is how my day went:
7:00am--3 year old crawls into bed with me and hubby. He tosses and turns and no one sleeps in on Saturday. I get up, dress,eat breakfast, feed family, prepare my kitchen and downstairs for the company that is coming at 10am.
9:30am--I try to squeeze in a post--unsuccessfully.
10:00am--The young women (12-18 years old) from my church show up to begin mixing, molding, and dipping in chocolate hundreds of Easter eggs for their summer camp fundraiser. We start with peanut butter.
These are just the peanut butter before dipping. 
1:00pm--we take a break for lunch.
1:20pm--we start on the coconut eggs.
3:00pm--I leave the girls and leaders working in my house to get in my 8 mile training run for the Country Music 1/2 Marathon coming up on April 24th. The weather was beautiful and I met my goal of running all 8 without walking and doing it in 1:29:22.
4:30pm--return home in time to help sort and organize the finished product and say goodbye to the girls.
6:00pm--go to my best friend's 3rd annual cook out and Peeps Roast. :) Roasted Peeps and Starburst are awesome!
8:00pm--watch the Young Women's Broadcast at church with my daughter.
10:00pm--get home.

No writing time today. I usually don't get writing time on the weekends, that's why I have to be good M through F. :) And now, back to what I started this morning.**

I've been neglecting some awards. Not on purpose, mind you. I received the following from several people, which is so sweet. I didn't really see rules for it, so I choose to see it as having a positive outlook on the future. This came from Christi, Nicole, and I think Mia may have sent it to me a week or so ago...
Mia also gave me this award, in which you get to make up stories about your best blogger friends who you feel "get" you. (I think I need to have a Mia appreciation day next week. She has a great blog, and I'm not saying that because she mentions me a couple times a week. I have found lots of great posts and new blogs to follow thanks to her reporting skills.) The quote on her blog says it all: Insanity is when the voices stop.
I want to post what Mia made up about me. She has NO IDEA how close to the truth she really was. It is amazing and I think Anne Shirley would definitely label us 'kindred spirits' because Mia GETS me!
Charity recently returned from Paris, she was undercover trying to "out" a Multibillion dollar company scamming rich folk for much moolah in exchange for "the secret to flying". She didn't out them to the world and now plans to follow their example after discovering it was not, in fact, a scam but a real sound piece of advice...*Charity floats by above our heads waving*... yup, not a scam at all.
Can you guess which one is me? In college I had a small group of friends with good imaginations and one talented artist. We each had alter egos and powers. I may have been a side-kick, but I had all the powers I have ever wanted.
Solstice--a luminescent being that can move at the speed of light, fly and shoot lasers from her palms. Ah, I miss those carefree days of flying around the planet. When I'm rich and famous, I think I should have my outfit made for real. What do you think?