Monday, March 29, 2010

Query Tracker Contest Open Now!

I copied this straight from VR Barkowski's Blog. Then I went straight to Query Tracker and submitted my 1 line pitch and first paragraph. So, as of 12:20pm they were still taking submissions. They are only taking 100 so head over now!
CONTEST OPENS MON. 3/29/10 @ 12 pm EST
  • Submit a one-line pitch and the first paragraph of a completed manuscript. Open to all genres but short stories and romance.
  • Entries will be judged by Jason Yarn with Paradigm Literary Agency. Mr. Yarn will accept 100 entries. REPEAT: ONLY 100 Entries will be accepted.
  • Up to 5 winners.
  • Winners will receive receive a critique of both their queries and first ten pages.
Don't wait! Head to the QueryTracker blog for all the details! 

Here is my 1 line pitch:
Beautiful, intelligent and successful in her logical world of science, Talia Shannon struggles to embrace the magic flowing through her veins.

And my 1st paragraph:
Blinking did not make the darkness lighter. Reaching out I touched sandstone, feeling the damp roughness of it as little bits of earth flaked off. I took a step forward, moving the freezing water around my legs so that it lapped softly against the wall. The only other sound was my racing heart and the pressing silence. Exhaustion, frustration and dread settled in my bones and the tears threatened to spill. At least I knew it would be over soon.
 What do you think? I've never done the 1 line pitch and I don't know if I made it powerful enough. Aaahhh! At least I gave it a try. Post a comment and let us know if you entered, or just comment on what you think about my firsts.