Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two great posts for Wednesday

I'm being good and revising my WIP instead of writing blog posts. That doesn't mean I don't procrastinate large chunks of time reading what everyone else is writing on their blogs. I have close to 100 blogs in my google reader, and all of them offer great motivation and tips.

I wanted to share two that I really enjoyed this morning.

First, Jody Hedlund has a great post about Writing Techniques that appeal to the modern reader. I completely agree with her list of things that she likes to read in a book. Those are the things I try and keep in mind while writing. Head over and check it out.

Second, Rachelle Gardner continues her encouragement week by posting about being a Fighter.
You'll have to fight off impatience and develop fortitude. You'll have to fight off insecurity and believe in yourself and your God. You'll have to fight off weariness and build perseverance. You may have to fight off pride and learn humility. You'll have to fight off all the forces that constantly endeavor to hold you back or keep you down. You'll have to fight through the obstacles.
Head over to read the rest of it. And click HERE to listen to Christina Aguilera's FIGHTER.