Monday, March 29, 2010

Goal Reporting

I'm so tired today and totally procrastinating. No writing to mention today, but I've done laundry. :) Anyway, I thought I would report on last week's goals and set new ones before picking my kids up from school.

Last Weeks Goals:
  1. Continue revising/editing through Chapter 21. I only made it to chapter 20, but 19 was really long, so I'm ok with that. I also cut 2000 words from chapter 19. Yeah it was long.
  2. Beg my hubby to critique my summary and tighten it. I didn't see my hubby much last week.
  3. Have my flash fiction story ONLINE ready to submit to a magazine for Laurel's challenge. I think it is ready and will send it out tomorrow. Quick question, with flash fiction do you only submit it to one place at a time, or can you pick 4 or 5 (like sending queries to several agents at once)?
This Weeks Goals:
  1. Continue revising/editing. Work at least 1 1/2 hours a day on it. I have long chapters coming up that contain new material not worked over as many times. I know it is going to go slower.
  2. Submit ONLINE.
  3. Post my first page on April 2. It is ready!
  4. Work on my murder blogfest scene.
What I learned last week:
  1. I need more sleep.
  2. The more I blog, the less I write or work on my WIP.
  3. I love the blogosphere.