Saturday, May 15, 2010

Goal Reporting

It's been a long time since I posted my goals for the week and report on them. Tomorrow is the Flirting Blogfest, so I'm going to report today. Please return tomorrow to critique and follow linkage to the other participants.

  1. Last week I continued revising and made it past that pesky rough spot that had me stuck for about 2 weeks. Yay! It should probably be worked over at least one more time, but I'll wait for critique feedback on it first. 
  2. I rewrote Shishali's dream sequence in Talia's point of view. Which makes sense because Talia is the one who lives half of her life in nightmares. I like the new scene a lot better because I could get into the emotions easier. Talia is just my girl. Anyway, I am through 254 pages out of 291. See, I'm getting close!
  3. I worked on loglines. Here is the one I sent in with my contest submission: 
"In a world where the people ignore the magic all around them in favor of science and technology, one woman must embrace her magical abilities to save her people from an invading alien force."
I think I need another comma in there somewhere. After them maybe, or not? Oh, well. 

This Week's Goals:
  1. Continue revising.
  2. Cut my 6 page summary down to 3. Oh, wow this is going to be hard.
  3. Write up to 7500 words on my Hadassah short story for Lady Glamis' contest. I'm running out of time and only have 2500 words. I do have the story outlined.
What I learned:
  1. Sometimes a nap is better than an hour of revisions. 
  2. Write when I feel like it and when I don't. The act of sitting at my computer with my hands on the keyboard WILL make something happen. 
  3. When my friends ask me what my book is about, recite my logline and drop it. :) Oooo, that is so hard!


  1. It sounds like your busy and getting something done! I really can't imagine how much effort and time it must take to write a whole book!
    My hat goes off to YOU!

  2. Wow, well done on the 254 pages!!! Sometimes a nap is totally better than anything else *nods* I've taken a few recently.


  3. Cutting down the summary is always the toughest.

  4. I love your logline! I need to work on one for my book (and yeah, it would be hard to not say more than that)!

  5. Congrats on all the achievements especially getting through 'the pesky' rough spot that has been on your mind for a couple of weeks. I think your log line is great, even without the extra comma.

  6. Alexis, thanks! I feel like it is slow going. I wrote the first draft of this version 2 years ago. I put it away and work on other things, but keep coming back. Right now I'm working like a mad woman to finish before my kids get out of school in 4 weeks. Eeek! 4 weeks! The last 50 pages needs some rewriting and at least 2 scenes added.

    Mia, think you are up to critiquing all those pages this summer? I'll nap while you shred it.

    Alex, it is my worst nightmare. I'm way to wordy. Even verbally, so it is definitely a challenge.

    Carolyn, thanks! That was a weeks worth of trying to finally boil it down to that. I'm glad you like it.

  7. Ugh. This is daunting because while you've been busy and productive, I've been busy and unproductive.

    I like that you've got a log line here! Can't wait to see your post in the logline blogest on 5/22.

  8. You've been a busy lady! Good going on the goals. I love that logline too.

  9. Good luck in meeting your goals. Mine is just to duck them in time! Just kidding. Thanks for the very kind words on my blog. And no apologies are necessary. Your first impression may very well be the agents's first impression as well, resulting in the rejections that I receive. But four have asked for more.

    Have a healing Sunday & I look forward to reading your entry, Roland


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