Monday, May 17, 2010

Theme song for the next WIP

I'm still looking for Landry's song. During the search I found the heartbreaking song for the sequel to SENDEK. When I listened to it I thought it might work for Landry, but when I read the words I knew. I KNEW it was meant for book 2. Knowing what happens breaks my heart. Do you think that is why I haven't made myself start writing?


  1. Such a beautiful and powerful song!
    Maybe this is the sign that you should make yourself start writing book 2 :)

    Now to answer your question.
    I think knowing what will happen to the characters can sometimes stop any of us from parting with them from our endless imagination where so many things could still change, and finalizing (so to say) their fate by giving them life on paper...

  2. Knowing what will happen is tough - writing it even more dificult. I hope you are moved enough to write the second book now.

  3. Knowing the story sometimes does make it difficult to write it or at least takes time to get the words written on paper because your feelings for them are so strong. Eventually you'll have the courage to sit down and write it all out!!! Good luck in moving forward I wish you the best!! I know you can do it!

  4. Knowing what happens if definitely tough when the story is heart breaking. Good luck with it. :D

  5. You can do it! It might be hard and the storyline might be difficult, but that's what makes the journey so much better. Good luck! =)

  6. Oh wow! Charity, you always find the most evocative songs! I love this one as well and can totally understand how the knowing might make writing it difficult.

    I write on the seat of my pants more often than not so knowing what will happen blocks of the words from me but I also get that knowing the story is heart breaking might stop the flow. Especially if you have had a whole WiP to connect and fall in love with the characters, right?

    I totally know you can do it though :~)

  7. All of you are awesome. I feel like the biggest baby. Listening to the song and seeing the scene in my head is brutal.

    Estrella, Alex, and Jen--after these last 50 pages of revisions I'm starting the outline and the new character sheets. Then I have a new world to build so I will be ready to write Nov 1st. I'll be mentally ready by then. I've found Nano is the vehicle for me to get something on the paper. Then the work begins.

    Stina and Carolyn--thank you!

    Mia you are so right. I've had a whole book to love these characters. They've survived so much and found true happiness for the first time and I'm going to rip it away from them.

    *sigh* Writing is beautiful and horrible all at the same time. But, I can't save (duh duh duhn!) Yes, I know that's sort of mean, but not ready to even say it out loud yet!


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