Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Character Interview--Jaron/Talon

Hah! I wrote this last week and then remembered there is a Character Interview Blogfest  today--Hosted by Echoes of a Wayward Mind. Lucky me! Follow the link to read all the posts. This will take the place of the Wednesday post.

Jude Law would make an excellent Jaron--just lighten the hair a little. Photo found HERE

Description from WIP (I just realized that in deleting backstory, I lost a description of him. *headsmack* I found this in a section I saved but am not satisfied with it):
As Jaron closed the door to his small apartment, he laughed and let the disguise melt away. Taking his true form, Jaron collapsed in the only chair in the room. His eyes turned a smoky blue and his hair golden blonde. The added height thinned his build and stretched his facial features.
Magical talents (L for learned, N for natural strength):
L--Shape shifting, portal jumping
N--mind control, healing (undeveloped)

What brings you to Sendek?
I follow the Draguman. 

It is all I have left to do in this life. 

I'm confused, can you elaborate?
(Jaron looks at the interviewer with his steely eyes. As he stares, she glimpses a dark shadow swimming in their depths.) No, my journey is mine alone.

That really makes it hard to interview you. The rest of my questions are based on why you are here. If you don't tell us, I can't ask the rest of the questions.
Then we are done. (He stands to leave.)

Wait! Sit back down, this isn't how this is supposed to go.
I did not ask to be interviewed. This is a waste of time.

Please, sit back down. I'll pretend that you answered. I know you are here for revenge because the Draguman killed everyone on your homeworld. How does that feel?
(His eyes narrow and his eyebrows crease with the frown.) Did you just ask me how it feels to have your world destroyed?  (He shakes his head and stands again.)

Sorry, sorry! Why are you so closed off and abrasive? You act like you don't feel anything, that's why I asked.
Feeling will not bring her back. It is better this way.

Her? Your wife?

So, you are seeking revenge for her sake. 

Will you talk about her?

Alright. Let's try something else. Do you think the death of the Draguman will bring you peace?

Then why do you seek it?
Their death will bring satisfaction, a sense of justice, but not peace.

Why not?
Only Dailya's forgiveness will bring me peace. I must wait for the next life to receive that.

Your wife again?
(he nods.)

Ok, (throwing away the rest of the questions) What do you regret the most?
Melding with the demon. It has made me commit horrible crimes against my own nature.

You melded with a demon? What does that mean? How did you do it?
(He sits tight lipped.)

Fine, last question. Do you think there is hope for Sendek? Can we learn to integrate the magical with our science the way your race did?
(He sighs) I do not know. You are an immature race, full of hate, fear, superstition and power lust.

Will you help us?
No. My time is limited and as I said, I have my own destiny to fulfill. (He stands and walks out the door before the interviewer can say anything else.)

Well, that didn't go as planned. Rest assured though, I know all his secrets and motivations. I guess you'll have to read the book to learn the why's and how comes. Anyway, here are some songs that scream Jaron's tortured soul.

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  1. You undoubtedly captured your character's voice well there, though I'm wondering if it might have helped had he answered more of the questions.

  2. Yeah, I know. Jaron is just super private. It seems I have several stubborn private people in my wip. Wonder why that is? LOL.

  3. This was great fun! I like how, in spite of the fact that we didn't learn much about him, it still revealed the intensely private aspect of his character.

    Thanks for participating!

  4. Great interview with Jaron

    He is very closed off so this reflects him well :) My characters were much the same last night. Really. They only let me talk to them this morning and it, um, didn't go well.

  5. I like your interview because it's very specific to the storyline, not just the setting. :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  6. oooh, I love this! The people inside our head can be quite feisty, right? I love his personality and how well-rounded he is! I certainly look forward to reading your novel!!
    Have you had a chance to read my interview?

  7. I love how dismissive he was. And aloof :) I'm very interested in learning more about your novel from reading this! Fantastic!

    <3 Kelsey Leigh

  8. Soooo mysterious. I think I want him. LOL

  9. Great interview! Sometimes reluctant characters are the most fun to "interview"...the ones that blabber on can be annoying ; )

  10. My character likes his privacy as well, but at least he cooperated! Jaron is tough.

  11. And here we have another character controlling the interview. After reading a number of the 'fest entries, it's clear our characters are the ones in charge. We writers are at their mercy. Jaron wasn't willing to give up anything, was he? Says a lot about him.

  12. Wow, he's pretty hard to work with. Seems like a cranky guy! I'm interested in how that translates into the book...

    Thanks for letting us meet Jaron!

  13. Oh, Charity, this was full of awesomeness. I don't know him, but it seems he was very true to character. A distinctive personality. I really, really want to read your story. Need a CP? ;-)

  14. That dude totes needs a beer or something.
    Srsly, chill hombre!
    BTW tell him we may be an immature race, but we can erase his world with one click of a button. Nyeh!


  15. lol

    Way to use an interview as a teaser that provides more questions than answers.

  16. This was so much fun, love your character interviews!

  17. Hey Charity,

    Stop by my blog, as I have a blogging award for you!


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