Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Disaster Waiting to Happen

Do you ever feel that way? I think I have to many balls in the air so to speak at the moment.
Big Block of whining, Skip to next paragraph--I have a huge list of books I want to read, four kids, a dashing husband who needs some attention, my blogging addiction, gearing up for my cheerleader role during Nanowrimo, teaching teens each weekday from 6am-7am plus lesson prep, money, monthly newsletter to compile, edit, format and print, try to write and revise my own stuff, search for an agent, send queries, help critique my friends when needed, keep my house clean, cook, drive the kids around, create a cooking curriculum for homeschoolers with my mom for one of her masters classes. Oh, and I used to have friends. What happened to them? AND, and my daughter's b-day is next week, which reminds me I agreed to make another sweet 16 cake the week after THAT--which is also my son's birthday. I was supposed to plan a neighborhood block party and a seminary cookout, but I just can't. Other things coming up that are on my mind--Handel's Messiah Choir, Nativity Festival, Christmas. OMGosh! It's way too close and I haven't even started thinking about what to get my kids.

Every one of you is just as busy. I KNOW IT! Usually, I'm good at prioritizing and I just keep moving forward. This week however, I'm paralyzed with the immensity of it all. So, dear friends, I've come up with only one solution. Someone needs to tape my mouth shut so I can't say yes to anything else.

Ok, since that won't work, I need to UNPLUG for at least a week. If I don't, my brain is going to explode. I'll clean my house top to bottom so I can think better and get organized with my priorities again.
I need this, because you know what happens when I come back? By then I'll be ready to send off those first few queries.

When was the last time you unplugged? Is it time to do it again? 


  1. Hope you recharge during your week of unplugging. With my book coming out next month, I probably won't take another day off until some time in November.

  2. I went unplugged a number of times during the summer. I'll be starting the first draft of my new project soon, and will go semi-unplugged. I'll unplug the internet (in the basement so I can't cheat) during the day (especially since I'll be querying soon), and only check it during my scheduled blogging time. :D

    Good luck with getting everything completed and with the querying.

  3. I unplug often. I didn't used to, but I realized how beneficial it could be. I always come back refreshed and ready to blog again. Have a great week! Hope you get lots done.

  4. I just unplugged a month ago, but these past two months have been so hectic that I feel like I should probably try it out again. A weekend in pajamas, perhaps. *sigh*

  5. Have fun unplugging. I unplugged a month ago. It was so worth it.

  6. I unplug for 2 days at the most. Does that count? I don't know if I could do it longer.


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