Thursday, December 9, 2010

Male or Female?

I pasted my entire book into the Gender Genie. This is what it says about me.
Words: 84232

Female Score: 103938
Male Score: 110220
The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: male!
Um, I beg to differ. Although I think this is a bit weird, in a way this could be a good thing. There has been some discussion in the blogosphere (See Tawna's post) on writing to a specific audience. Since she writes romance, she wondered if any of her male blog readers would be reading her debut novel. I simply wonder if I'll be able to sell my book in a predominantly male science fiction world.

I'll mention here what I did on her blog. I do not believe it when they say mostly men read sci fi. I've always read sci-fi and I'm sure there are lots of other women out there who love it as much as I do. My goal with my writing has always been to write a book that will be appealing to all kinds of readers. Yeah, I know, not a good marketing plan in that statement. The real goal sounds even worse--write science fiction that my friends would fall in love with because none of them like sci fi.

The truth is that I never think about the author when I read a good book, or care if they are male or female. I don't want my readers thinking about me while they read my book.

Wait, I think I wondered off task. Anyway, my score is only slightly toward the male side. Perhaps that means my work WILL appeal to both sexes? Yeah, that's how I choose to look at that.

Other Fun Links:
Excellent, excellent post by Josin L. McQuein--First Drafts are NOT Crap Writing. She discusses the difference between crap and "raw". 

Self-Affirmation for Writers, in 10 Steps by Elaine AM Smith. Go read it NOW. Great stuff.

Truth is Stranger than Fiction a blogfest and contest over on Dangerous with a Pen. Deadline is December 15th.

Janel's Jumble shares a list of links for Writing Prompts.

Chersti Nieveen gives some excellent advice on how to start revising that Nano wip with the post Revamping that Manuscript.

PJ Hoover pointed me toward this amazing list of cliches. It's easier to remove them from your writing when you can see them all.

Um, I think I signed up for another blogfest, but I can't find it and don't remember whose blog it was on. *shakes head* I need to bring back a sidebar list of blogfests to keep up with them....

*wanders off to investigate something shiny that smells like chocolate*


  1. I agree completely that gender doesn't matter when it comes to reading sci-fi. I LOVE sci-fi and I'm a girl! I'm with you on not caring if the author is male or female too. Most times I don't notice.

  2. I know a lot of women who read science fiction, although when I read it, I admit I tend to read male authors.
    And I did that test and my work was definitely male. Which is a good thing!

  3. I just posted a blogfest last nite. Link is here, if you're interested in signing up...

  4. I tried that on several passages I wrote. Anything non-fiction (like an article) was deemed written by a male. (So women can't write lean, objective pieces?)

    Any chapter I put in from a female character POV was deemed female. So, good, I guess.

    What made me smile in a good way was that any chapter I put in that's from a male POV character came out as a male author.

    I felt kinda good that a male POV, at least to this computer program, "felt" male.

  5. AH! Fun! Great links too! Thanks for sharing. I agree with you. I don't want people thinking about me when they read either.

    I got female. Womp Womp. But it was really close!

  6. Thanks for all of the great links! =)

    I agree that the mark of a skilled writer is to remove the concept that the book was written by a anyone, male or female. The story should just naturally unfold.

  7. I read a bit of sci-fi, but I'd like to read more in that genre.

    I don't think about gender when reading a great book. Even though some authors and publishers have gender in mind, there are so many books out there that would appeal to everyone.


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