Monday, December 13, 2010

1 Year Anniversary and a Giveaway

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Wow! It has almost been a full year since I began this blog. A lot has happened over this year. I've met some amazing blog friends, received some excellent critiques, and learned a lot about this writing toward publication journey. I've gained a few new skills, improved my writing, and most importantly gained a greater confidence in myself.

After a year, I've come to realize this dream of publication is obtainable.

You've followed, commented, supported and celebrated with me all along the way. That constitutes real friendship in my book. (LOL, in my book!) *sigh* Anyway, I wanted to give something back this holiday season to celebrate YOU, my wonderful writing blogger buddies.

How about...
A First Chapter Critique!
or 10 pages if your first chapter is really short.

My critiques consist of a lot of comments. I generally write whatever pops into my head as I read. For instance:
  • what I like
  • if something is confusing
  • questions that I'm asking
  • passive voice
  • anything that throws me out of the story
  • telling when you could show
  • grammar and mechanical issues

The goal is to give you a glimpse into the mind of your reader.
  • Am I asking the questions you WANT me to be asking?
  • Am I hooked on your characters? Setting? Premise?
  • Would I like to read more?

I want to keep this giveaway as simple as possible, but I'd also like to give you extra entries for spreading the word. I will give away 1 critique for every 10 people that enter. More entries = more critiques, so your chances don't get any worse by sharing the giveaway with your other writer friends. You have two ways to enter:
  1. Leave a comment and say "I want to win!"
  2. Fill out the Form below for extra entries.
Feel free to come back each time you mention the giveaway in a Tweet, on Facebook, or on you own blog and fill out the form again for more entries.

The entry deadline is midnight on December 22nd, US Eastern time. I'll use and announce the winners on December 23rd. 

Here's a button for your blog.

If you Tweet, please add @charitybradford so I can see it. Thanks!


  1. Congratulations on a full year! I'm not at a critiquing point yet, but hope you receive a lot of entries.

  2. I'd love to enter. Can I enter? :) Wait. Do I say "I want to win" AND fill out the form?

    I am very much not on form today.

  3. Mia, LOL, by commenting you are entered. If you want extra entries you can fill out the form to let me know which of the extras you did.

    Thanks Alex!

  4. Awesome contest!! I really DON'T want to sidebar! More chances against me. But...oh well!
    Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy one year anniversary! I couldn't agree more, those that have shared the journey are true friends.

  6. Colene, just remember I will give away 1 critique for every 10 people that enter. Hopefully that will keep your odds from going down too quickly. :D

    Heather, you are one of those faces I see alot. <>

    Actually, everyone that's commented so far are "regulars" and I count all of you in that list of people I'd like to meet for reals some day.


  7. I want to win!

    Congrats on a year of blogging, Charity. It's a definite achievement to stick at something this long and do so well at it! Congrats again!

    You have an award at my blog.


  8. Congratulations on being 1-year-old! I’m not ready for a crit but I will cheer everyone else on!

  9. I want to win!! :D

    In the unlikely event that I should be lucky, I hope to have the first chapter ready after the Christmas break.

    I'm looking forward to the day when I can download Sendek to my new Kindle that (I hope) I am getting for Christmas! :D

  10. Nice to meet you. Dominic, yes he is just above me there in the comments, posted about you. So here I am. Nice to meet you. I have nothing to critique at this time. I am finishing my editors corrections.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  11. Awesome contest! I would love to win.

  12. Yay for you! *tosses confetti around*

    And... *reads blog rules* umm "I want to win". Since it's supposed to be said here, figured I'd toss that in too. Great idea for a giveaway. I've always wondered if I was qualified enough to do such so have given away books instead but maybe I'll consider this option some day. Congrats on having the blog for a year and keep it up.

  13. What an excellent giveaway.
    I'm not ready for a 10 page critique just yet, but your pointers are a good guideline for any writer. :O)

  14. How cool,

    I'd love to win! This is an great offering. We could all use an extra pair of eyes when it comes to our ms.


  15. Not one of my better weeks, but I do want to win.

    I thought I was following you. Well, I'm spacy sometimes. I'm joining late because that's the way I am, or so it seems.

    I need a secretary to keep me on track . .



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