Monday, February 27, 2012

Birth of a Novel Feb 27th, 2012

First the good news...I got my computer back this weekend! I can't tell you how long this month has felt without it. Sunday night I started typing in all the little scenes I had jotted down in notebooks so I would have a better idea of what to report today.

Faerie Wings: All the new scenes are from Carter's POV. I've really enjoyed getting inside his head. Before this month he was just a good guy. An attentive love interest. Now he has flaws. Really good ones that are going to add some conflict to the story. The biggest surprise? He's a bit prejudiced against humans! This is great since his duty is to marry one. (Huntress, I think this is going to be how Ryanne's feisty side gets to come out. There will finally be something to tick her off about him in spite of how lovey he is to her.) Current Word Count: 35,927 All that chicken scratch in the notebooks didn't translate to higher word count.

Eleena: I didn't really work on this one this month, and that's all right. I'll get to it when it comes to me. My main goal right now is to finish Faerie Wings. Current Word Count: around 1000

This week's goals:
  • Submit Sleepers before the 29th to get my Write1Sub1 badge for February.
  • Fix the typos I found in Sendek: The Magic Wakes when I read it on my kindle.
  • Work on FW and Eleena.
  • And, I'm feeling the pull to work on Orek: The Search for Knowledge. This kind of scares me because I'd like to finish FW first. But when your muse calls you have to go with the flow, right?
What are your goals for this week?