Monday, February 6, 2012

Birth of a Novel Feb Week 2

Faerie Wings--I now have a first chapter that I don't hate. It still might not be the best place to start though. Eh, I'll keep building from there and try to finish the story, then I can re-evaluate where to start.
Current word count: 34,498

Eleena of the Stars--I worked more on the first chapter. Visualizing an evacuation has been hard. All that comes to mind are the ones I've seen on TV and I don't want it to be just like all of those. Plus, TV doesn't help with the smells. Good thing I have a great imagination.

Over the weekend I realized something very important. I have a nine year old. That's how old Eleena is at the beginning of the book (but this is NOT a MG or YA for that matter). He also has a great imagination and I bet if we sat down and talked, I could do a better job at capturing that age's voice. *headsmack* sometimes writing really IS that simple.

Would it bother you to read a book that moves through so many years of time? My goal is to have Eleena's voice/vocab/ageness grow with her. Makes it a bit trickier, but could be amazing if I pull it off, right?
Current word count: 950--this is a guess since I can't access my computer.

The Sleeper--Well, I sort of got stuck. But no worries! I sent the draft to my CP with questions and concerns. She's always honest with me and has a great talent for telling me where to cut back and where to expand. That's what I need right now.
Current word count: around 1,500