Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Small Blessings for Writers

I woke up this morning in excruciating pain. A fist sized area in my lower back screamed at me every time I moved or breathed. Not good. I probably slept weird or something during the 4 short hours of sleep I managed to get.

Nevertheless (it's a fun word to say out loud), I had to get up and go teach my 5:55 am class. We started Isaiah this week and I knew it wouldn't be fair to make the other teacher wing it since it was my day to teach. And since the other teacher didn't show up, this was a good call.

By 7:15 am I crawled back into bed after taking some ibuprofen and hoped to wake up in a better state. Eh, not so much. I got the kids to school and now I'm sitting here with hubby's mini massager plastered to my back.
It is HEAVEN. I can feel the muscles relaxing as I type. So, today I want to recommend this nifty little device if you get any kind of back pain from sitting in a chair all day writing.

Other than chocolate, what do you see as small blessings for writers?

Now, I'm finishing up my short story The Sleeper so I can submit it as my W1S1 this month. I've actually already submitted one story, so this will give me 2 this month!
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