Friday, October 5, 2012

Just When You Think Life is Settled...

Your husband takes a new job.

In another state.

Hello, Arkansas?
Goodbye Southern Comfort!
That's right, I'll be moving in about three weeks. It's an exciting adventure, but we've lived here longer than anywhere else. And we thought we'd live in North Carolina forever. We put down some deep roots and it's painful digging them up. Our kids have moved, but they don't remember how quickly you can make new friends. The tears have slowed to a trickle and just at night when they think we won't notice.

And then there's all the work to do. Some of you might be able to sympathize with my plight. I have three weeks in which to get my home of 6 years prepped to put on the market to sell. That's 6 years with 4 kids. Let your imagination run wild!
A year after moving to NC

I started prepping walls for paint this week and actually got one bathroom scrubbed and painted. Home Depot came out to measure for new carpet, and we're having a yard sale tomorrow to get rid of as much junk as possible.

The grass seed has started to grow and fill in where the trampoline sat for four years.

Dang, I'm crying again.

I've never loved a house and neighborhood so much. We've had wonderful neighbors allowing our kids to run wild over the whole cul de sac with everyone else's kids. Our church community/life has been full and fulfilling (not always the same thing). And I can drive anywhere I want without getting lost.

All in all I can sum it up this way. The gypsy part of my heart is thrilled at starting a new adventure, but the rest his shattered. It's a good thing hearts heal with time.