Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is for Landry, the Love Interest

Landry, my dream man, and yet he's not perfect. I loved that one reviewer said she wanted to slap him in the beginning because of his arrogance and rudeness, but she loved him by the end.

From the beginning I wanted Landry to have all the qualities that I love in my hubby, one or two I wish he had, and enough flaws to make him real. And no, I'll never reveal which traits fall into which category. :)

In a way, Landry is as much a loner as Talia. Even though he has family and people that respect him, he keeps most of them at arm's length. When our lovers meet you have two strong willed, socially inept and fiercely independent people butting heads. That's why I felt it appropriate for them to fight the attraction and each other in the beginning.

There have been two interviews with Landry in my search to know him better. The first was way back in 2010 and you can find it HERE. The second one was part of my release blog tour in February and can be found at Chandara Writes.

It's interesting for me to see the little details that changed as I got to know him better. He went from being older than his cousin to younger. One interview is after he met Talia, the second is before and therefore has a lot of irony in it. :) You'll have to know Talia to understand. And, I've tried to pick younger men to play him in the movie (yes, not a reality yet, but I'm good at dreaming big!) However, for today I'm just going to post the men I would pick to play him without a single thought to appeasing the masses.

Here's my personal eye-candy gallery in no particular order:

Karl Urban looking JUST LIKE THIS.
Chris Pine
David Boreanaz
Henry Cavill
And a dark haired Chris Hemsworth--none of this blonde stuff!
Jay Ryan

Question for you:
Which one of these guys would get you to the theater the fastest?
And guys, you can comment about who you think would be the better action star. ;)


  1. None of the above.
    Now if you post photos of possible Talias, I'll be able to answer.
    What did your husband think of Landry when he read your story?

    1. I will be posting pictures of possible Talias on T day!
      My hubby didn't say much about Landry from the book, but he gives me a hard time about some of my actor choices. Anytime Chris Pine shows up he says, "Oh, it's your mom's boyfriend." Even in The Rise of the Guardians! Silly man. I'd still choose my hubby over any of these actors.

  2. Oh, crap. Now I can't remember what I was going to type. ummmmm. okay.
    yeah. I'll take two orders of Chris, please.

    Why isn't Ian Somerhalder on this list? I'm shocked. Shocked I am.

    1. :) Don't hate me but for some reason Ian doesn't do it for me. Which is weird because he fits in with these guys so well! But you did introduce me to Henry.

  3. I can't wait for the next Star Trek movie because of Chris Pine. What a handsome fellow he is.

    1. The last Star Trek movie is when hubby started teasing me about him. I'm ready for it to be here already! I need something to look forward to after being disappointed by The Host. It was probably a good movie for people who didn't read the book, but alas, I've read it many times.

  4. They are some mighty fine actors, but as for getting me into a movie theater... I have to want to see the story. I won't go see an actor I love if it's a movie I don't want to see. And I will go see an actor I hate in a movie I want to see.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Sorry for the deleted one, I had a typo. :)

    Chris Hemsworth is gorgeous! Your post made my day! I love dark hair and blue eyes (even though Hemsworth is blonde - I think).

    Have fun with a-z.

  7. Sometimes the masses just have to let you dream. Nice choices. Landry reminds me of my own character Kale in Sacrifice Her. As a I got to know him better I made changes as well.

  8. she wanted to slap him in the beginning because of his arrogance and rudeness, but she loved him by the end. <--- Ah, that perfect male lead ;-) Chris Pine sounds perfect for the part!

    1. LOL, he does, doesn't he! Plus, it's like a scifi version of Mr. Darcy. What's not to love?


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