Thursday, August 1, 2013

Travel is Almost Over

It's been a busy summer. Not as much relaxing by the pool as I had hoped, but still a good summer with the kids. The best part is it hasn't been miserably hot the whole time.

I'm still in TN for another few days, but I'm ready to go home. I love my family and I always enjoy the time we have to spend together. However, I'm a creature of habit and coming to the end of summer I'm desperate to get back to a routine. My nerves and writing are frazzled beyond belief.

Here are my goals for the last two weeks of summer vacaton:

Week 1:
Staycation with hubby and the kids Aug 5-10
Goal: Have as much fun as possible. And sneak in some writing in the wee hours of the morning while everyone is sleeping. Projects to focus on--Fade Into Me, Stellar Cloud and the new non-fiction project I gave into this week.

I think we plan on doing some caving, hanging out at the pool, finish decorating my kitchen, school shopping (I think it's tax free week, unless I missed that already) and a local petting zoo that everyone says we MUST go to.

Week 2
Make sure the kids have everything they need for school (which reminds me I still need to switch kid #3's school registration), get oldest in to get her driving permit (scary!) and settle back into a normal schedule for meals/bedtime/wake up/cleaning and exercise. This will have me ready to slip back into full time writing as soon as everyone is back in class.

Unless I get a job. *sigh* I may have to get a job which will make it even harder to get these writing projects done.  I'm so spoiled that I really don't want to get a job. What in the world am I qualified to do anyway??