Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My First School Event and a Reader's Poll

Next week I'll be going to the high school to talk to 3 English classes about the reality of being a writer. The teacher asked me to talk about publishing options, marketing and Nanowrimo. Whoo hoo! It's going to be a lot of fun.

There are so many things I'd like to talk about, but I only have an hour and a half. *laughs* Yeah, you know I can talk once I get started. So, to prevent me blabbing on forever on one topic, I've been working on a powerpoint to keep me moving forward.

The other thing I keep telling myself is to keep it simple and let them ask all the questions.

Have any of you visited local schools to talk about writing? How did it go? Any tips for me?

I'm really hoping that some of those 130 free copies of Stellar Cloud went to you guys. When you get around to reading it, chime in over at the poll for favorite story. ---> It's in the right sidebar. 

In other news...

  • There will be more posts from the writer's conference next week.
  • I'm plotting for my own Nanowrimo experience.
  • Eagle Scout cake is on the schedule for this Friday. 
  • Did I mention we got a new puppy when my mom took hers home? My daughter named her Rosalie, and she looks just like Chewy. Only smaller. 

And finally. I have to share this with you guys because I'm so proud of my son. He has such a kind easy going personality and this clip from his birthday highlights it perfectly. Set up: Hubby likes to tease and this was the first present we gave our 7 year old.


  1. I've not visited any schools. I'm sure you'll do great though!

  2. I've done school visits for drama clinics, and psychological research, but not writing. Not yet. I'm wishing you the best, most interactive, most amazing time!

  3. Never visited a school for that but good luck Charity.

  4. Good Luck!...Bring the puppy. Every writer gets a new puppy!
    Then watch as the kids all start to write!

  5. Which year of high school? That'll also determine what they'll find interesting.

  6. Thanks everyone!

    I'm emailing the teacher to get the year in school. And David, I do have pictures of my puppies at the beginning of my slide show. :)

  7. Oh, I'm sure it'll go great! Have fun and be sure to let us know how it went!


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