Friday, December 20, 2013

UB Search for Moderator and Awesome Things My Kids Say

Unicorn Bell has been a part of my blogging routine for almost three years! I can't believe how fast time is going by. Huntress dreamed up this idea in March of 2011 and we've tried our best to help other writer's in any way we can ever since. We've given critiques, advice, ran contests, blogfests and hops, introduced new authors and carried off two three week long free conference called QueryCon.

Over the years we've worked with some wonderful people as fellow moderators. As time went by and life got busier, we've had to let some of them move on. We are now looking for one to two new moderators who feel like they can help us grow our audience and help writer's everywhere meet their goals. Here's an idea of what would be required.

  • Cover one week of posts every 6-7 weeks (depending on how many moderators we have at the time). This means coming up with the posts or soliciting them from guest posters, formatting and making sure any questions or comments are responded to.
  • Comment during critique weeks so our submitters get a wide range of opinions. :)
  • Be available for a google+ planning meeting when needed (once a month, sometimes not even this often, and more frequently during QueryCon planning)
Would you like to join our team and build a writing platform to impress agents and publishers? We are taking applications. Send requests to with ‘Moderator Request’ in the subject line. We'd love to know what your writing experience is as well as where you are active on social networking. 

And now...

There have been some funny comments the last week. I've forgotten most of them because I didn't write them down, but, here's my favorite.

Scene: Church Christmas party. Hubby and I are sitting listening to a piano/violin duet. 

Child #4 walks up and shows us the craft he's been working on at the back of the gym--"Look, I gave Mary nun-chucks!"
Child#3 started teaching himself to play the Star Wars theme on his trumpet. He's only been playing for a few months and he's super motivated to learn faster than they are teaching at school. He's taught himself Taps, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, and now he's making great progress on the aforementioned Star Wars Theme.

I must be doing something right. :)