Thursday, January 2, 2014

No Kiss Blogfest 2014

Let's start the year out with a blogfest! I almost missed this one this year, it came up so fast. Anyway, Amalia Dillin is giving Frankie Diane Mallis a hand this year with all the details.

Today we are posting either scenes we've written with an "almost kiss", or sharing one of our favorites from a book, TV show, movie, etc. Since I'm coming in late to the game, I'm sharing a clip from Fringe and my love of all things just a bit weird.

Sometimes a little "almost kiss" can bring the answers your MC seeks...


  1. Like the almost kiss in the first X-Files movie. My wife still talks about that one.

    1. Yes, that is a winner! That built up for five years!

  2. I love this almost kiss! Peter and Olivia are my favourite! <3

  3. I almost shared this one, too! So great! I love Peter and Olivia so much.

    thanks for being part of the blogfest!! I hope everything is going splendidly for you!!

  4. I love Fringe and how Peter and Olivia's relationship evolved. Very clever their use of fast forwarding to the future and using the alternate universe to complicate things.

  5. I liked this series a lot but got behind on watching it. I'm glad they kept building on their tensions :)

  6. Interesting. Never seen the show before. Nice entry for the blogfest.

  7. I'll have to check out this show! Great almost-kiss!


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