Wednesday, February 5, 2014

IWSG--Did I Accomplish Anything This Week?

It seems I've been a bit negative lately. Posting about sick kids all month, snow storms that shut down the whole town, messy house because of the other things, etc. Well, today I want to stop that and try to be more positive for IWSG.

The truth is that January was a really good writing month for me. Maybe that's the silver lining in this flu season? Some of you may remember that my goal for January was to finish the two rough draft WIPs I had going. On January 11th I finished my science fantasy Search for Knowledge, the sequel to THE MAGIC WAKES. I even wrote an entire post about my relief that reads like an IWSG post all on it's own.

I immediately jumped into my YA fantasy. For the first two weeks I wrote like crazy. My muse was on it! It helped that I had a few scenes that I had cut years ago that I could rewrite to fit in with my new plot details. (Wonder if I'll end up cutting them later!?) Then last week, my manic writing energy waned. Meaning I returned to sitting for hours at the computer in order to squeeze out a few hundred words.

Why, why, why does my mind insist on going back to edit before the story is finished?

I keep telling myself I'm not allowed. But I can't help but think that if I fix all the beginning parts before writing the last five or six scenes, then maybe I won't have to completely rewrite those last scenes later. OR maybe they'll just be easier to write in the first place?

Well, I'm happy to report that I forced myself to sit down on Friday and sketch out most of the scenes to reach THE END of Fade Into Me. It's a crappy ending. As in total TRAIN WRECK!


You're waiting for the positive upswing, right?

I already know how to fix it! Yep. I put it away and thought about the ending all weekend, worried and stewed. Until finally, last night as I was drifting off to sleep, the solution came to me. You see, with the time constraint I took the easy road to connect the dots. Now all I have to do is remove one dot and add a few more to add detail to the story, keep a couple of characters in a bit longer and reach a more realistic resolution.

I've written my thoughts down because it will have to wait just a little bit. Why? Because Talia has been whispering in my ear the entire time I tried to write Ryanne's story. They are both very assertive in their own ways. In fact, I want to work on both stories at the same time, but I know from past experience that will never work. Well, it would, but it would take all year!

However, my mind keeps bouncing back and forth as to which one I should work on first.

One minute I think, "Work on FIM first. You need to let SFK sit a little longer before you start revisions."

Then it's, "No one is waiting for FIM. People are waiting for the next installment of Talia's story."

"If you don't make the changes to FIM now, who knows when you'll get to it? You know this could be THE ONE that gets you an agent (don't you like how part of your brain is always trying to label a WIP "the one"?). Take your time. Make it good, no matter how far back it pushes the publication date for SFK."

"It's already been a year since my first book in the Sendek series was released! You know it will take 8-9 months to go through the entire editing process, and WiDo gets busier every day. They may already be full for 2015 for all you know! Get them something so you can get in line."

"Well, if they are full for 2015 you might as well calm down. Just go through your process. Chill."

"But people will forget about me and Talia if I don't get something new out there!"

Yeah, that insecure voice is really loud. She's always jumping up and down and yelling frantically, which makes it hard to concentrate on anything else. Or to keep this post positive!

Last week I had the first page of FIM up for critique on Unicorn Bell. And I put the first 3 pages of SFK on my website. If you have time, check them out, comment and then come back here to vote on the question below.
Fade Into Me
Search For Knowledge

So, what do you think I should I work on?

  1. Fade Into Me
  2. Search For Knowledge
  3. Can't you find a way to do both? I mean, you are superwoman and all that.
Vote in the comments!

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  1. Too many questions!
    You're going to have to write whichever one calls hardest, because if you force the other one, it won't come together right.
    However, as one who takes a long time in between sequels, I know that it would be better to get them out faster. There was a year and a half in between each of my books, and looking back now, that was probably too long. But we can only work so fast, right?

  2. @Alex, Definitely too many questions! Unfortunately, that's what the inside of my head sounds like. Question after question after... you get the idea. Sometimes I wish it would just stop. LOL, not really. What would I do if they did?

  3. I have to agree with not forcing what's not ready to come out. Take a bit of time off, or read, or do something else that will help get back on track. GL!
    Cindy W.

  4. Work on what you're immediately inspired to write. Trying to push yourself to go the other way is only going to slow things down.

  5. I'd say the sequel first because, as a reader, I just finished MAGIC WAKES and loved it and would love to see the characters again. But as a writer who took two years for the sequel to be released, I know how frustrating that is on many levels. Even when I worked on my other project, the sequel was still in the back of my mind, hanging over me: "Get it done." So that would be my suggestion. Of course at the same time, I also know it's hard to force something, so if the sequel isn't flowing, set it aside and go for the other. Okay, was I completely unhelpful? :)

  6. @Cindy and @Stu, thanks so much!

    @Rebecca, LOL, no, very helpful. I did start revisions on Monday. Talia is loudest in my head right now, so I'm going with her but keep telling myself it's okay to go slow. Really dig deeper into these characters. Get more into their heads and insecurities so this next book will be richer, fuller, just better technically without losing the story telling.

  7. I'm afraid the only way to sort this one out is to pick and write like a fiend.

    1. LOL, love this comment Rena. This is what I'll do, revise and write like a fiend!

  8. Oh, man. So much! I have to think about it...

  9. Wow, you really are on a roll! Don't stop, you're doing great, and, I think you should listen to your heart and see which one it tells you is more important...for do...

  10. My inclination is to say that the sequel should come first... BUT, if the other novel is the one talking to you.... In other words, I don't have any answers. I know you will figure this out!

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your encouraging words. Glad to hear you're on a roll. I'm gonna vote the sequel too. You definitely don't want to keep the readers waiting too long if you can help it. Good luck!

  12. @worddreams let me know if you come up with anything!

    @Lisa, listen to my heart...that's the wisest advice ever.

    @Robin, Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm working on the sequel this week because it IS talking to me.

    @CaffeM it's so nice when the majority of comments confirm what I think I already knew. Good luck to you and your writing this week as well!

  13. I would automatically like to say sequel but in the end you have to write what's ready to be written. I know, no help. Sorry lol. I just feel like if you force it, there's a chance you burn yourself out and regret it…I dunno. I think I'll go with #3, you ARE Superwoman, so…yeah.

    Best of luck deciding!

  14. Sequel! Sequel! But you know, do what is right for you Charity.

    ---Greetings from a February IWSG Co-host

  15. I love this post and all the positivity! I agree with Sheena-Kay . . . always good to write the sequel ASAP, but you have to listen to your muse too :-)

  16. I would work on the sequel first. Like you said, people are waiting for it. Give the people what they want.

  17. After reading How I sold 1 million ebooks in 5 months" by John Locke I would definitely say sequel. It makes sense to give people more of what they already love and the characters they are already attached to.

  18. You have to write the book that's calling to you the loudest. Finish one before jumping to the other. Not helpful, I know. Good luck.

  19. Monday, Wednesday, & Friday: Fade Into Me
    Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday: Search for Knowledge
    Take Sundays off.

    Just kidding. I don't know. I'd say what everyone else is saying--the one that's calling the loudest.


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