Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September IWSG--Naked With a Spider and a Can of Hairspray

Okay, I might have a tiny insecurity when it comes to spiders. Many of my nightmares consist of me
"waking up"  trapped by webs while all the little spiders chant to bring on the monster spider to eat me. My poor hubby has been woken by my screams many times over the course of our marriage.

The other day I was in the shower when I noticed a giant spider exploring my bathroom. My first thought was, "Kill it!" My next thought was, "I'm not wearing shoes!"

Then the debate started. How long can I stay in here? Would it be better to let it disappear or try to find something to throw at it? I finally ventured out of the shower, ran to the cabinet and grabbed my hairspray. It's all I had! I'm spraying and shrieking as it tries to get away. For safety, I got back in the shower so I'd be separated by the glass door while I waited for it to stop moving.

Let me tell you, hairspray is NOT a good spider killer. It did slow down enough for me to get to my closet and shoes, blessed shoes!

What has this to do with writing?

There are so many times during the writing process that have me feeling exactly like I'm standing naked with a spider and only a can of hairspray to save me. Each of us has these vulnerable moments.  All we want is throw something and run, but we have to think things through. Try something. And if it doesn't work we have to try something else.

Maybe this is during plotting, drafting, revising, querying, whatever. It happens. The point is, we do something about.


Because we're writers.

I'm in one of those phases. Every time I pull out Talia's sequel I'm trapped between "I love these characters!" and "this plot is crap." Time to take a good hard look at what I've got, what I've been trying to do, what really needs to happen and then come up with a new plan. Because this isn't working. My hairspray tactic here is to work on other stories--which by the way are coming along nicely! But the rest of the Sendek Saga needs to be written and sent out into the world.

Someone want to toss me a shoe?

Happy writing this month!