Friday, June 19, 2015

Birth of a Novel June 19th

Week 2

  • Every Friday post a quick update on how you're doing on your writing projects. 
  • It can be combined with Camp Nano or whatever personal goals you've set. 
  • All you need is a line or two added to the beginning or end of whatever post you already had planned for the day.
  • Then visit the others in the list to encourage them to keep moving forward. 
This week was not as productive as I'd hoped. We had three house showings Monday to Wednesday, and I never got into a groove. Plus it rained all week. With little sun to energize me, I found myself binge watching X-files and Criminal Minds on Netflix. 

It almost felt like I was slipping into a depressed state again. However, I pulled myself together yesterday. I showered first thing in the morning, cleaned my house again (just in case!), and then sat down to write. For extra security I didn't even go into the room where the TV was!

Last Friday's Stats:
Demon Rising--5475 words
Eleena's Tale--2119 words

New Stats:
Demon Rising--6718 (1243 word increase)
Eleena's Tale--4823 (2704 word increase)

That's almost 4000 new words this week. Which is actually more than my goal of 500 words a day! Yay, I did better than I thought. Now, if only I could do as much writing as yesterday, EVERY day. I'd be done in no time.

Demon Rising Details--I still feel comfortable in Talia's world. Connected to her conflict. It doesn't hurt that a couple of people have read book 2 now and are encouraging me to keep working on the next part of the story. The dragons will play an increasingly larger role in the story, and we are finally melding science and magic into one art form.

Eleena's Details--The refugee camp came alive for me this week. It's an odd sort of place that started with a sense of purpose and hope. That quickly fell with rations running out and the approach of the Tamati's fleet. Eleena didn't think she had anything else to lose. Boy was she wrong!

I also played around with making a trailer for it. Scifi vids are hard when you can't draw! Scouring stock photos takes forever and I can never find exactly what I want. Here it is anyway.

What are you working on? How are you going to accomplish your goal?

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  1. Wow, your writing progress this week has been great. Particularly since you've had house showings to distract you. And the trailer you made was pretty good.

    When I added my blog URL to the blog hop I mistakenly thought I was supposed to link to the individual blog post, not my blog as a whole. So the 'Nissa Annakindt' on spot #2 should be taken down because that's last week's post, and the new one I put up left. Sorry about that.

    My blog is at:
    But Blogger won't let me comment as my wordpress blog. I guess Blogger's mad that I dropped my Blogger blog for a wordpress one.

    1. Thanks Nissa. Most of my kids camps will be done today as well. Perhaps with less running around I'll be able to settle (and stay) in my writing groove.

      I fixed the extra link for you. It's weird that blogger is being finicky. Glad you could still comment though.

  2. That's a great word count. I'm impressed you've got 2 projects on the go.

    1. :) It's how I deal with writer's block. If I get stuck on one, or simply don't feel it for the day, I can work on another project. Hopefully this will keep me in the habit of writing every day. I also find that making progress on one story clears my head and motivates me for the other one.

  3. Awesome on the word count! And you did good with the trailer. I imagine stock photos are hard to find.

    1. I wish I knew an unemployed graphic artist who would just sit and create all the images in my head. Wait...I do know one (well, one of my best friends knows one). Too bad he lives in another state, and has never met me.

  4. That's an awesome word count increase. Way to go! Like Annalisa, I'm impressed that you are working on two at the same time. I can work on one for a while and then another for a while, but not two in the same week.

  5. Nice word count!
    This week I didn't get much writing in. The day job took up a good chunk, especially with the fire. And because of the fire, I'm temporarily off work, so I should have no excuses not to get working on my stories.

  6. Selling a house is stressful. That you even got any writing done is an accomplishment.

    I finally got my chapter 6 to a place I think is okay, and I was going to edit chapter 7... I was editing, and my edits went in a weird direction, and I figured it needed to be rewritten. Again. So, this week I'll be rewriting chapter 7. Again.


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