Wednesday, July 6, 2016

IWSG July--Handcarts, Retreats, and Releases

What a crazy month June was! There were so many things happening that I could barely keep up. It was wonderful in way. I was too busy to let my insecurities really kick in. In fact, I think I found new courage in all my running around. So, today I'm rolling with it and just reporting on last month and setting some new goals for July. Having accountability is good for me. 

Report Goals for June:
  • Survive a pioneer re-enactment with youth from church next week (I put the best pictures in a slide show. I'm the fat one in the yellow dress, lol. I did pretty good hiding from the camera.)

  • Finish the draft of Talia's third book (working title: Demon Rising) while attending a writer's retreat--I did continue writing on this, but did not finish yet.
  • Continue writing Eleena's story--Added 15K to this story at the writers retreat.
I also got a surprise last month. Book 2 in the MAGIC WAKES has a cover and a release date! You can read about it HERE

I'm also running two giveaways on Goodreads. 
THE MAGIC WAKES--2 copies, July 4th--July 12th
DAWN OF THE MAGES--2 copies, July 4th--September 15th

However, you can be entered into a smaller pool of entrants by signing up for my newsletter.

Goals for July

  • Continue working on Demon Rising--it needs to move to priority.

Goals for the rest of 2016:
  • Finish both drafts--Demon Rising and Eleena's story (working title: Empire Rebooted)
  • Begin revisions on Demon Rising this fall and submit to my publisher
This month's IWSG question: What's the best thing someone has ever said about your writing?

I'd have to say the note I got on Facebook a few months ago. A sweet woman I knew years ago in North Carolina sent me a private message to tell me that her 12 year old daughter found my book on the shelf and read it. 3 times in a week! 

So the mom did what all good moms do. She contacted me to see if I had any other books. A week after I mailed them I got another note telling me that I was her daughters new favorite author! That was a first for me and I'll admit I teared up at that. I'd never even dreamed that was a possibility.

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  1. That pioneer re-enactment looks like it was fun!
    I'm excited for Magic Wakes 2 - I loved the first one.
    Way to go on your goals!

    1. LOL, it was hot and miserable, but tons of fun too. I'm just happy we didn't have any injuries or heat exhaustion. Cooling off in the river at night was the highlight of the day!

      Thanks on the book too!

  2. Her daughter's favorite author - that is awesome!
    Wow, there were a lot of you doing the re-enactment. Hope it wasn't too hot that day.

    1. It was three days of no air conditioning! The funny thing is, it was better when we were walking than when we tried to cram under the small circle of shade around a tree. I've never missed the back on chairs so much in my life! LOL

  3. I want to do a re-enactment one day. Sure it's lots of work nut I bet it's lots of fun too. Cool that the mother messaged you and her daughter loves your work.

    1. You should definitely do one! It is hard work, but satisfying. It's something to reflect on what life used to be like. In some ways we have it so easy physically. I kept thinking, this was hard for them, but they were used to hard work and no air conditioning, so was it as hard for them? Who knows what the real answer is to that?

  4. Oh wow, that's a great compliment. Now you have to write more for her.

  5. Love your ambition! Wishing all the best with those wonderful goals! I have several projects going and can't seem to choose one to actually finish!
    That is the best compliment - a fan for life! Congratulations!

    1. :) I know I should finish Talia's project, but my mind keeps wandering to Eleena's story. So, I totally get having more than one project going. Good luck choosing!

  6. Wow, what a compliment. That's what we all hope for, to be the new fav author to read.

    You're doing great on your goals. I only had one this year - to write 100 words a day. Argh, I failed before I started.

  7. How wonderful that the mother shared that with you. Congratulations!


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