Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Goals for this week

I thought I would post what my goals are for the upcoming writing week. First, after my very long pity party on Thursday, I actually sat down and revised the first four chapters of my WIP. I went to sleep feeling very happy with the work I had done. Then life became crazy busy and I spent the next two and a half days "elsewhere" meaning not at home with little chance of writing. Actually that isn't true. Friday morning I went to my daughter's Battle of the Books competition at her school. One of the competing schools was late to arrive and luckily I had a notebook with me, so I wrote first drafts of some of the scenes I knew needed to be added. But that was it for the rest of the weekend.

On Hatrack Forums there is a thread where you post:
  • What were your goals last week and did you accomplish them?
  • Describe what you worked on.
  • Set goals for next week.
  • Did you learn something during this week? 
I thought I would start doing this every Sunday night/Monday morning on my blog as part of the Pledge to work toward publication. This way you will know what my plan/goals are and see how I am doing with them.

What I worked on last week:
Last week, I wallowed in self pity and then kicked myself into revising once again. I also worked on a summary for Hadassah in preparation to write that story. I blogged (that counts as writing!), and I put together a nine page community newsletter.

Goals for this week:
  1. Find and write down a plan for when I will write each day. Yesterday I read a tweet by Jody Hedlund that said, "I've realized that I need to respect my writing time if I want my family to follow suit", and Liz over at Writing Mommy talked about distractions and scheduleling time last week. With these things on my mind, I will come up with a weekly plan for When and Where I will write to optimize the time that I have.
  2. Fix a major Ooops! with Chapter 1 of Sendek. Melanie from Hatrack (I could not find a link to her, but we have exchanged some emails) read chapter 1 for me and liked it but pointed out that by the end of it she still did not know if the MC was male or female. I lost that when I switched to first person since chapter one is all internal observation. That is a huge no no. How can the reader connect with Talia when they don't know she's a girl? They have no way to begin creating an image of her in their mind. So, must fix that this week.
  3. Continue revising/editing through chapter 10.
What I learned last week:
  1. I spend too much time reading blogs. I need to read less and write more.
  2. It's alright to have doubts about my writing ability as long as I get up and do something to improve it afterwards.
  3. The new blogger posting format has hidden spell check from me and I NEED it back!