Friday, March 26, 2010

50 Followers Baking Blogfest!

Woot! I hit 50 followers today!

(It happened around 6pm my time and I sat down to write this post. Then the girls from church showed up to start making our homemade Easter Eggs for their Girl's Camp Fundraiser. We've worked for 3 hours and now I'm back and I'm at 52 followers. Is it silly to be so excited?)

I want to celebrate this small victory in some way. Some of you may remember me mentioning my Food Blog that I have had for almost two years. I loved that blog. It became my outlet for creativity and made me feel a small connection to the greater world outside of my home.  As much as I love food, cooking, and running off the weight afterward ;) I never seemed to make that blog what I wanted it to be. I wanted it to be a community of sorts, full of comments and conversations and posts that made me feel good. But followers never came. Oh, my friends from church and a few from college follow me (now I need to convince them to come this way!), but I always felt that was because they like me and who doesn't want a new recipe every once in a while?

That poor blog has been neglected the last few months. Well, ever since I started this blog in December. I still post my 1/2 marathon training schedule and report, but I haven't been trying new recipes. Writing and learning about publishing has consumed my thoughts and I cook things that don't require me to think about what I'm doing. I've even burned things! *gasp* The point I wanted to get to was this...after almost two years I only have 18 followers, most of whom I know personally.

I started this blog in, in four months I've achieved something I failed at with food. There are people who post regularly that I feel like I am starting to know. Mia, Jen, Christi, Mary, Holly, Lilah, Elana, Elaine, Jody, Laurel, and Liz. I know I've missed several people, and I'm sorry! There are many more I follow and some new faces I've met this week. I love the community feel that is starting, and how it encourages me to keep writing. I love reading everyone else's blogs to see what they are learning, how they feel about their WIPs and writing journey. Blogs are awesome for helping me feel like I am not on this crazy ride alone.

So, to celebrate I want to host a blogfest! 
Introducing the 50 Followers Baking Blogfest!
I know it doesn't sound as exciting as the murder, first kiss, pg love or fight blogfests. Think of it as a challenge to write something completely out of your comfort zone. Here are the rules:
1. Write a scene where your MC bakes something, anything, good, bad, yummy, burned, anything. Have fun with it, and post it on your blog on May 1st. Bake in space, for a first date, as a cave man/woman, I don't care. Find a way to incorporate a cooking scene into your wip.
2. Sign up in the Linky field  on the right
3. Spread the word, and if I hit 100 followers by the blogfest I'll have a giveaway! I even know which books I want to give away.