Friday, March 26, 2010

50 Followers Baking Blogfest!

Woot! I hit 50 followers today!

(It happened around 6pm my time and I sat down to write this post. Then the girls from church showed up to start making our homemade Easter Eggs for their Girl's Camp Fundraiser. We've worked for 3 hours and now I'm back and I'm at 52 followers. Is it silly to be so excited?)

I want to celebrate this small victory in some way. Some of you may remember me mentioning my Food Blog that I have had for almost two years. I loved that blog. It became my outlet for creativity and made me feel a small connection to the greater world outside of my home.  As much as I love food, cooking, and running off the weight afterward ;) I never seemed to make that blog what I wanted it to be. I wanted it to be a community of sorts, full of comments and conversations and posts that made me feel good. But followers never came. Oh, my friends from church and a few from college follow me (now I need to convince them to come this way!), but I always felt that was because they like me and who doesn't want a new recipe every once in a while?

That poor blog has been neglected the last few months. Well, ever since I started this blog in December. I still post my 1/2 marathon training schedule and report, but I haven't been trying new recipes. Writing and learning about publishing has consumed my thoughts and I cook things that don't require me to think about what I'm doing. I've even burned things! *gasp* The point I wanted to get to was this...after almost two years I only have 18 followers, most of whom I know personally.

I started this blog in, in four months I've achieved something I failed at with food. There are people who post regularly that I feel like I am starting to know. Mia, Jen, Christi, Mary, Holly, Lilah, Elana, Elaine, Jody, Laurel, and Liz. I know I've missed several people, and I'm sorry! There are many more I follow and some new faces I've met this week. I love the community feel that is starting, and how it encourages me to keep writing. I love reading everyone else's blogs to see what they are learning, how they feel about their WIPs and writing journey. Blogs are awesome for helping me feel like I am not on this crazy ride alone.

So, to celebrate I want to host a blogfest! 
Introducing the 50 Followers Baking Blogfest!
I know it doesn't sound as exciting as the murder, first kiss, pg love or fight blogfests. Think of it as a challenge to write something completely out of your comfort zone. Here are the rules:
1. Write a scene where your MC bakes something, anything, good, bad, yummy, burned, anything. Have fun with it, and post it on your blog on May 1st. Bake in space, for a first date, as a cave man/woman, I don't care. Find a way to incorporate a cooking scene into your wip.
2. Sign up in the Linky field  on the right
3. Spread the word, and if I hit 100 followers by the blogfest I'll have a giveaway! I even know which books I want to give away.


  1. I'm a terrible cook. I'd burn delivered pizza if given the chance. I don't know how my kids survive.

    Oh, yeah. Ramen and cereal.

  2. Hi Charity! I'm a new follower, but congratulations on reaching 50, and I love your blogfest idea. I'm a big cook/baker too, so this should be fun!

  3. Woohoo! You reached 50 followers! How awesome is that. I so want to write that baking scene now. Be careful what you ask for. XD

  4. Congrats on reaching 50 followers!! Looking forward to the blog fest :))

  5. Oooh! I already have s scene like that in both of my books. Well, sort of. Does it have to be baked? I have one mc making eggs. In the other, the mc helped make chicken nuggets and the rest of dinner.

    Congrats on 50 followers. :-)

  6. You had me at baking! :)

    Your post reminded me of a baking disaster I had once. The MC a lemon torte. The crust called for plain breadcrumbs - I accidentally added Italian-seasoned breadcrumbs. OMG! The kitchen reeked and no one was brave enough to even taste it.

  7. You had me at Blogfest :P as I'm sure you're aware1 :~D

    I actually have the perfect scene lined up so this should be fun!

  8. Also,

    1. Now you mentioned me I feel like a blog celebrity now! Yay *dances* That's pretty sad but I can't help it :P You should know the feeling is mutual, I love reading about your WiP :~D

    2. I think the live feed thing is saying I'm in Arbroath Scotland, IT LIES. I think we should complain or something because it's waaaaay off the mark. I'm actually at the Folk's house on the edge of the Cairngorms national park right now (basically in the highlands), you'd think it would know!

  9. Hi! I followed you through Mia's blog! This sounds like a great blog fest and I have the perfect scene for it! Congrats on so many followers and good luck on 100! You at least have one more here!

    I love the live feed thing on the right too. That's pretty cool! I'm going to see about putting it on my blog too!

    Oh, I advertsied this blogfest on my blog. *wink*

  10. Congratulations, hitting 50 followers is a great feeling!


  11. Thanks Harley! The rest of you need to sign up to the right. *pokes at you with a stick*

  12. Cooking and writing...what a way to join up two of my favorite past times!

  13. I couldn't sleep last night as I cruised my brain for characters to throw in the kitchen. I just found your blog and I can't wait for this Blogfest!

  14. Oh hell, I picked a date that you'd chosen, too. Well, this will be interesting - guess I will have 2 entries posted that day! :) Congrats on hitting 50! I'm excited for when I do!

  15. Is it cheating that I already have 3 cooking scenes in the WiP? Only one is baking, and not much baking goes on...but I could tweak it ;)

  16. I have a great cooking scene...I'm in!

  17. Hi Charity!

    Love the new look!

    I am all over this blogfest. See, I was a good follower and signed up for it and everything.

    I love this idea! Baking! What fun!

  18. Signing up at the last minute again... *sigh* But I think this is such a great idea. I love baking! :-D

  19. Might I suggest the twitter tag #BakeFest for this blogfest?

  20. I participated in your baking blog fest yesterday and found the perfect scene from one of my books so I posted that.

    Mine is at:


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