Thursday, April 1, 2010

In the Beginning Blogfest

First, Wow! I hit 60 followers. My good friend Kristi made it over here from my food blog. ;) Nice to see you. *waves* Thanks to all of you! I'm having a great time checking out all of your blogs too. I try to comment a few times a week, but since I read on google reader sometimes I forget. :) 

And Second...
Here is my entry for the In the Beginning Blogfest hosted by Kelly Lyman over at Kelly's Compositions. Officially it should be posted tomorrow, but... So, wait until tomorrow to go to Kelly's site to use the list of other people posting the first lines of their novel. Thanks Kelly for the excuse to post the first page of my WIP.

UPDATE: I've worked through half of the entries and there are some really great first pages out there!

This is from my obsession--SENDEK. I hope you enjoy it. After you read it, please post: 
1. If you would keep reading, and how much longer you think you might give it before putting it down. Sadistic glutton for punishment? Nah, I just need to know how much work is still ahead of me.  
2. If anything really jumps out at you (good or bad), please share.  :) And, I really do welcome criticism. I'd rather hurt now before handing it over to agents.

Blinking did not make the darkness lighter. Reaching out I touched sandstone, feeling the damp roughness of it as little bits of earth flaked off. I took a step forward disturbing the freezing water around my legs. It lapped softly against the wall, the gentle sound fading into the darkness. My heart pounded uncomfortably in my chest as fear, exhaustion, and frustration settled upon me. A sob escaped my lips before I could stop it. Death lurked in the gloom and I knew it would find me.

Splashing started in the distance and a dim glow of light began to reveal the tunnel around me. I knew it was pointless, but I instinctively searched for somewhere to hide. As the water around my bare legs began to ripple, I pressed myself against the wall and hoped the shadows would be enough to save me this time.

“We’ll never make it…” Two men stumbled into view, both wearing black robes that clung to their legs as they waded through the water. The older of the two gasped for breath as he leaned his bulk against the wall. His meaty hands waved the other man away from him, and turned to stare down the tunnel in the direction they had come.

The cold seeped into my blouse, making my chest ache. Shivering I waited to be discovered. Seconds passed with only the sound of the men's ragged breathing. And then death finally made it's appearance. My heart rattled to a stop as three huge creatures walked out of the shadows. They made no sound, moving like ghosts through my nightmare. Time stopped and I saw every movement, felt every breath. They walked on two legs, but...