Saturday, May 22, 2010

Loglines, Contest and Goal Reporting

Bryan at the Time Guardian Blog is hosting a Logline/Hook Line Blogfest. I posted mine a week or so ago, but am reposting for easier access to them.

Here are the websites I used to help me write my loglines.
Query Tracker . net Writing a logline/1 sentence pitch.
Two Adverbs--long, but good stuff.

Ok, so here are the rules for Bryan's blogfest. Visit his blog on the 22nd for the other entries.

The Rules:
Create a single sentence description of your novel. And don’t try to cram 13 semicolons and another half-dozen commas in to squeeze your logline into the 1 sentence rule. If you can’t speak your logline in a single breath, it’s too long. One additional note: each participant can post up to five (5) different versions of their logline. That way we can all comment on our favorite of the bunch, what worked/didn’t work, and why.

Here are my attempts:

1. In a scientific world, one woman must find the strength to embrace her magical talents in order to save her world from an invading alien force.

2. When a lonely scientist’s nightmares become reality, she joins forces with a commander in the royal army to revive a new order of mage in order to save her world from alien invaders.

3. A woman ostracized for her strange eyes, leaves the safety of her scientific life to save her planet from an alien invader by leading a magical revival.

4. In a world where the people ignore the magic all around them in favor of science and technology, one woman must embrace her magical abilities to save her people from an invading alien force.

Goal reporting:
Last Week's Goals:
  1. Continue revising. Check! I cut, I wrote 3 new scenes, I am on page 289 of 294!
  2. Cut my 6 page summary down to 3. Oh, wow this is going to be hard. Um, didn't even open the doc. :(
  3. Write up to 7500 words on my Hadassah short story for Lady Glamis' contest. I'm running out of time and only have 2500 words. I do have the story outlined. I opened it, stared at it, and then returned to Sendek.
What I learned:
It's alright to change your weekly goals in the middle of the week. So, maybe I won't make the short story contest, but I will finish this round of revisions before my kids get out of school.