Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Goal for Today

Last week I entered Rachelle Gardner's One Sentence Summary contest. She had hundreds of entries. I wasn't picked as a winner, but today she gave great critiques of some of them. Mine was critiqued (the second one)--which feels like a win when you read the other critiques. Here is my one liner and her advice:

When a lonely scientist’s nightmares become reality, she must embrace her magical abilities to save her planet from an invading alien force.

I don't know what the nightmares are about, there is no clue as to the nature of her magical abilities, and the alien force could be darn near anything. Just a few carefully chosen words could make this more visual and draw my interest.
That actually excites and gives me something to focus on. So, my goal for today is choose some stronger words. Step, by tiny step--I might just get somewhere!