Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's online!

My story is posted on 365 Tomorrow today. Here is the LINK. The formatting is off and it makes it a little confusing in spots. There should be italics for the telepathic conversations.

365tomorrows has a forum where people will really tear up this piece. I'm actually excited about that! They have no reason to be nice so I will see what people really think and make improvements based on that.

After reading it again, I can tell how much I've learned since sending it to them in January. There is a lot I can tweak to make it even better, but there is potential here. (I'm borderline thinking it's very amateurish and crummy, but I still like the idea. Just time for a rewrite.)

Yesterday I went between excited and practical. The conversation went sort of like this.

Voice 1: Finally!
Voice 2: They probably post everything that is sent to them. It is free flash fiction after all.
Voice 1: If they post everything why did it take so long? I've been waiting four months.
Voice 2: Because they have such a huge pile of emails to go through.
Voice 1: But I've liked most of the stuff I've read there. Surely they have some kind of standard?
Voice 2: Why don't you look it up?
Voice 1: Because I don't want to know if you're right. I just want to enjoy this tiny moment of validation.
Voice 2: Fine, if you must get your hopes up.
Voice 1: There is still that other piece I sent in. You know the one where they may actually pay me something to publish my flash fiction.
Voice 2: *sighs* Let's just keep waiting. Maybe you'll convince me if that one is accepted.

Why can't we just be happy? Do you think it is good to have a positive and negative voice inside your head?